Amazon Introduces a New Way for Teens and Parents to Shop

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Amazon has just introduced a new way for teens to shop online and for parents to stay in the know. With this new service, teens aged 13 through 17 can shop online at Amazon and a parents can stay abreast of what their teens are purchasing. This allows for the kids to feel more independent without parents losing track of what their children are buying or how much they’re spending. This is a win/win for both parents and teens, and I really love that.


How it works

It is easy to set up for parents and easy for the teens to use. To get started, an adult Amazon customer can add up to four teens aged 13 to 17 to their account for free.





The kids get their own logins, and they can shop independently and even stream digital content while still keeping their parents informed. That allows parents to keep an eye on what the kiddos are up to and steer their kids in the proper direction if needed.

Parents can set spending limits, select a payment method, and choose a shipping address. Here’s the part I really love. Parents can approve every order before it ships! It allows us as parents to make the best decisions for our family about shopping and content while still giving our kids that sense of autonomy that they need at that age. As parents, we’ll also have the option to skip the approval step and simply set spending limits if we want. That’s because we’ll always receive itemized notifications for every order our teens place, and we can cancel and return any item they buy in line with Amazon’s policies.

Aaannnddd if we have Prime, we can share certain Prime benefits with our teens including Free Two-Day Shipping, Prime Video, and Twitch Prime at no extra cost. WOOT!


My Teens Love Having their own Amazon Login

The moment my daughter finalized her own login, she wasted no time in buying the last finishing touches for her room remodel! She was in dire need of a desk and chair to do her homework, drawing, and sewing. After easily perusing Amazon on her own she found the perfect desk and chair in the color to compliment her room – purple.



From there, she discovered some books on her future career choice, and purchased them to expand her knowledge on the industry.


I was so elated to see that she was choosing to use her Amazon login responsibly, and fully maximizing all of its awesome benefits!

And the list goes on and on! So far my kids really love the service. It gives them the freedom to explore Amazon from their own login, and their recommendations, order histories, and lists are now tailor-made to their shopping history and interests. It couldn’t be more user friendly, and my kids love that feeling of independence that they get with this shopping experience.



Amazon Could be for Your Teens

My kids absolutely love having their own Amazon login. It’s given them a feeling of independence while giving me the peace of mind to know exactly what they’re buying and the ability to set spending limits. It gives both my kids and I a great shopping experience overall, and I look forward to much more of Amazon in both our futures.

Learn more about Amazon Teen by visiting

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  • This is awesome. It is like giving our kids the freedom to shop, and giving the parents the peace of mind that their purchases still need approval. This is fantastic because my kids don’t have to bug me to get them something they need, they can now search, purchase and wait for my approval! 🙂

  • This is how I’m going to do my Christmas shopping! Have the kids shop for themselves & I’ll approve what I want to buy. Love it!

  • This is such a fantastic idea! My niece is always shopping on Amazon, and I think her parents would love this especially since they can set spending limits for her!

  • What a great idea. We have two teens so will be looking into this for sure. Would be great for them to purchase gifts as well.

  • I have two boys who are about to discover what shopping in Amazon is like and I like the fact that I can approve or disapprove their purchases. It’s definitely going to change how we shop, and I can teach them about managing money more.

  • I love it! I am very thankful for this service as my son usually has no control over where he spends his money. He shops too much if you allow him and with this service, life is so much easier.

  • Oh wow! I totally wish they had something like this when I was a teen! Now that I’m an adult, I really love the part where the parents can approve each purchase!

  • I have to check into this. I think this would be a great way to help my kids shop. They often want to save their money for larger items, and putting their allowance into their own Amazon account would be an excellent way of helping them see what they’re working towards.

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