Balancing Online Time with Offline Time: Here’s Help

Balancing Online Time with Offline Time
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This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks and Republic Wireless, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Balancing online time with offline time is so important – for kids and adults alike. With so many parts of our lives attached to social media, it can be easy to go down the rabbit hole of online time. Between work, friends, scheduling, and all of the other things that are now done exclusively online, balancing online time with offline time is key to making sure that we spend real, actual time with friends and family. That means doing things together in real life, not in just the digital world.

Balancing Online Time to Make More Offline Time

Time flies, and before you know it, years have gone by. It seems like only yesterday, I was reading bedtime stories to my son. Today, he’s in college! Yes, time flies by, and if you’re not careful you’ll miss out! That’s even more true these days. Although being online is a form of connecting, it’s not the same as being in someone’s physical presence. It’s not the same as a face-to-face conversation about the day, about hopes and dreams, or even about nothing at all. There’s something to be said for that physical, real world interaction which seems to be falling more and more by the wayside these days.

Balancing Online Time with Offline Time

I do my best to ensure that our family stays vigilant about balancing online time with offline time. Our best memories are the ones where we were all together. Graduations, holiday events, and good old fashioned movie nights are the things that we’ll remember for our entire lives, and I want our lives to be rich with those experiences.

To help balance online time and offline time, there’s no better company that Republic Wireless. They’re all about making sure that authentic, human-to-human interaction is always the priority over digital connections. Their plans promote a phone/life balance, giving you more control over your data usage, and by extension, your time tethered to the internet. And to promote that balance, Republic Wireless is hosting a #LifeOverLikes Sweepstakes.

Republic Wireless #LifeOverLikes Sweepstakes

The #LifeOverLikes sweepstakes from Republic Wireless is about exactly what the hashtag says – life over likes. It’s a sweepstakes designed to promote real world experiences for the winners and their families. The prizes are experiential, focuses squarely on creating memorable moments and lasting memories with friends and family. Whether it’s taking a group to a concert, cooking family dinners together, or taking a dream vacation, the #LifeOverLikes sweepstakes is designed to make an adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Balancing Online Time with Offline Time


  • Second Place – A $500 gift card to spend on music, sports, or theater tickets from a major nationwide ticket outlet. 10 winners.
  • First Place – A Samsung Smart Refrigerator plus a 3-month meal kit delivery subscription. 5 winners.
  • Grand Prize – $10,000 to travel anywhere in the world! Use it to take yourself and your loved ones on the vacation of your dreams. Your $10,000 voucher can be used on airfare, hotels, tours, cruises, arrangements, and more. 3 winners.

Balancing Online Time with Offline Time

How do you make sure you stay cognizant of balancing online time with offline time? What would you do with if you won the Republic Wireless #LifeOverLikes Sweepstakes? I know what I would do. I would go to Paris with my family!! 

Balancing Online Time with Offline Time

Balancing Online Time with Offline Time

So what WOULD you do? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. And be sure to enter by clicking on the banner below.

Balancing Online Time with Offline Time

Balancing Online Time with Offline Time

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  • I entered the contest. I am a travel girl to the max so $10k would be more than enough to travel to some awesome places in 2018! I have plenty of places Zanzibar,Africa – Thailand, Bali, Toyko (Hello Kitty Heaven if I could just stay in the Hello Kitty hotel I would be in heaven), Seoul (for beauy haul), and going on a wine tour in Spain/Italy!

  • I’m guilty with this Honestly i don’t have enough time to family due to my work and I need to balance my time with my family and to my work.

  • It would certainly be a family vacation. I’m daydreaming about a family cruise. I love being able to have fun activities around the clock for everyone.

  • My husband and I travel a lot and it’s really important for me that we spend time offline. I do manage an online store but I make a schedule so that it all works out in the end. Love this post!

  • I love this! I’m guilty of spending too much time online as well- especially because I work online. I’ve been more mindful of it lately. I now take weekends off so I’m not online at all, but I need to be better during the week as well.

  • It’s really important that we have more offline time than online time! I try to do that as well, especially since I love going on vacations with my family. There’s nothing better than going out and experiencing life with them than sitting in front of a computer all day.

  • This is a great way to keep balance. I know I have a lot of trouble managing my time on the computer trying to get work done and spending quality time with the family. If I won the grand prize, I would love to go to Italy!

  • It can be hard to balance offline time and online time. I struggle with that as someone who works primarily online.

  • Finding a balance between work and family or online versus off line are all sooo important. We need to find a balance. Great reminder.

  • Great tips! There are so many reasons why balancing your online and offline time matters, we need to be who we are, feel inspired and gather up memories beyond the screens. This is great!

  • It’s so important to make sure our kids – and us parents, as well – find a balance. With today’s modern world, it’s all too easy to lose yourself in your phone or tablet.

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