Get Ready for @BounceTV In The Cut Season 3: A Chat with the Cast

bounce tv in the cut season 3
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Bounce TV In The Cut Season 3 is bringing more barbershop laughs, funny family pranks and comical romantic mishaps when the third season of the hit sitcom world premieres Tuesday, July 11th with two all-new episodes.

Jay “The Dream” Weaver (NAACP Image Award-winner Dorien Wilson) juggles being a role model to his formerly-estranged son, Kenny (Ken Lawson), while his wisecracking friends, Cheryl (Kellita Smith), Smitty (John Marshall Jones) and Mabel (Laura Hayes) bring their love-life crises, monetary problems and family drama to the forefront for all of their customers to see.

Take a look at the season’s preview below.



Among this season’s storylines: social media pressures, positive pregnancy tests, old grudges, evading the government, a special engagement and much more. Guest stars include Tamar Braxton, Ed Lover, DC Young Fly, Cocoa Brown, Nephue Tommy, Marques Houston and Earthquake.

The first two episodes of the Bounce TV season 3 premiere include:

In The Doghouse As the barbershop opens up for business, Jay (Dorien Wilson), Smitty (John Marshall Jones) and Kenny (Ken Lawson) find themselves in hot water after reacting to a pregnancy scare.

Matter of Principle Jay’s (Dorien Wilson) childhood friend, Roderick (Guest star Ed Lover), visits the barbershop for the very first time and brings back bad memories along with old grudges. Meanwhile, Smitty (John Marshall Jones) is at odds with his new greedy and overly shifty landlord. Nathaniel “Earthquake” Stroman (Everybody Hates Chris) also guest stars.

The episodes will air at 9:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. ET respectfully.

Bounce TV In The Cut Season 3

I spoke to the show’s stars Dorien, Kellita, and John to get more details on what’s to come.

bounce tv in the cut season 3
Dorien Wilson and Kellita Smith

 MLS: This is the third season and this show has been hot and heavy. Can you give an overview of your characters and a little bit about what’s going on on the show and how your character are evolving?

Kellita Smith: The third season happens to be more relationship-oriented and we have a few twists and turns and a surprise towards the end with Dorien (Wilson) and I’s relationship. I think this season the game just got stepped up all the way even with the writing of the cast. Collectively we’ve all sat together and just raised the ante up a little bit. I think what this season’s gonna provide is just a whole ‘nother level of comedy.


Dorien Wilson: I believe this year the writers are writing more for Dorien, the actor playing Jay, than… Engulfing both Jay’s character and Dorien’s personality. So they’re writing for us as people and know what our strengths are and exactly what Kellita said, it’s more character-driven and relationship-driven this year. I have some great stuff with Smitty who’s played by the amazing John Marshall Jones, who is my best friend on the show. We just have some really comical moments and of course the relationship with myself and Kenny, played by Ken Lawson, who plays my son. After many, many years we find each other and we’re just getting to know each other. And this year, once again it’s taken to another level that we’re feeling way… It’s not so much getting to know each other, it’s how we’re getting along with each other.


MLS: Dorien, how do you guys plan to test the audience this season in terms of comedy, in terms of pushing, testing the boundaries, in terms of pushing comedy to the next level, leaving audiences gasping but coming back for more. Are the stakes higher for you this season?

DW: One of the things was that they really laid the foundation this season with relationships. And that’s with the interpersonal relationships with each character as we maneuver through the comedy part. There’s some really interesting things happening and I don’t wanna give away too much because I want people to tune and in and see the unfold, the unveiling of how this plays out and especially my and Kellita’s character where we progressed and take our relationship. There’s a bunch of little twists and turns that are coming that people are gonna wanna see.

This year, I think we full-on went full tilt with just exploring the boundaries, we’re given the rein to come up with different things to add to this already amazingly written project, but we’re able to embellish on it, and so we’ve come up with some great stuff that I think the audience is really, really gonna love this year. And some great cliffhangers that it’s gonna keep you tuned in every week to see how they progress to the finale.


MLS: Will this season touch on current events? The things that are going on in today’s African-American community? 

John Marshall Jones: “In the Cut” is really based around the cultural hub of the African-American community so we’re constantly involved with, not the headlines that you see on headline news, but with the things that black folks are going through on a day-to-day basis. So, when you turn into the show, pretty much every week you’re going to see something that you can relate to ’cause it’s something that’s either happening to you, or it’s happening in your community.

bounce tv in the cut season 3

I also went one-on-one with Dorien to get his personal reflections on life and his successful comedy career.

Bounce TV In The Cut Season 3

MLS: Dorien, You have been in the business for so long – what do you find that you do in your own time to make sure you stay relevant with your comedy as years go by? 

DW: You know what? I truly believe this, that it can’t be taught. It can be fine-tuned, but I don’t think, if it’s not instilled in you already. All of the entire cast has this natural timing when we’re given words that we know how to manipulate them and flip it and make it interesting or funny or whatever.

In my spare time, I do nothing. [chuckle] I hang out with my kids. They keep me grounded. They’re so over me being an actor. They could really care less, so I just surround myself with really good people and people that have been in my life for many, many years. But the comedy is such a joy to be able to play with these guys, my friends, and then it doesn’t seem like work.


MLS: To what do you contribute your longevity and success?

DW: I attribute of course to God, I’ve always known that hard work and dedication in God’s will there’s nothing that I couldn’t do. I understand that this can be taken away at any time so I’m grateful, I’m grateful for having the shows that I’ve had, the opportunities that I’ve had and it’s been a blessed career. I couldn’t… Well I could ask for more but this wouldn’t be, but… [laughter] I can’t complain and for young people to stop me and say they grew up watching me… And it’s amazing to me.

I don’t know when I crossed over, because I used to look at Sherman Hemsley like that and I actually got an opportunity to do a show with him called “Goode Behavior” where I played his son and I grew up watching this man and to work with an icon like that it was just like, “Wow! This is so amazing,” and then to be that icon for some of these young people, it’s a gift and I do cherish it.

 Bounce TV In The Cut Season 3

Be sure to check out Bounce TV In The Cut Season 3 airing Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT (check local listings).

Bounce TV In The Cut Season 3

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