Helping My College Student Stay Hydrated On Campus With @BritaUSA

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


My oldest son has officially started college!! I am so extremely proud of him! As his Mom, I want to do all that I can to support him. I especially want to make sure that he is set up for success while he is on campus.


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Helping him with ways to manage his health while on the college campus is one of my top priorities. In walking across campus from class to class, and even while studying for hours, he may get so focused on his education that he may forget to to the things that he needs to do to keep himself hydrated. Since dehydration has its way of affecting mental sharpness and focus as well as set the pace for the development of more serious health issues, I certainly do not want that to happen.

When I took him shopping at Target for some of the things that he will need for campus, I placed a Brita Space Saver water pitcher in the basket for him. The Brita Space Saver Pitcher is perfect college essential for him! The slim and easy-to-use water filtering pitcher can be incorporated into his college life.


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The Brita Space Saver pitcher has many more benefits for my college son, too:

  • NEW + IMPROVED Advanced quick change filter include 2x faster to change (than previous filter) with no pre-soak or black flecks
  • NEW filter indicator counts pours
  • NEW + IMPROVED filter fit and locking lid for spill free pouring.
  • BPA-free
  • Easy-fill lid fli ps open for faster re-filling.
  • Capacity 6 (8 oz. glasses)
  • Fits perfectly in a full-size fridge or mini-fridge


My son got accepted into the Honors College on campus, which has lots of small kitchens in several of the buildings throughout the college. Since the Brita Space Saver Pitcher has a locking lid, my son can easily take the pitcher with him to place in the class building refrigerators so that he can readily have his water on hand before or after classes. Plus, he is a rather stylish fellow, he can express his personal style with Brita’s many colors that the Space Saver Pitcher comes in.

The best part is that we never have to stress out about him having new filters for his water pitcher. I signed up for the Brita filters on Target subscribe & save, which not only saved me 5%, but also the filters are sent directly to him whenever he needs them!


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Now with the Brita Space Saver pitcher at hand, I can have peace of mind that my college student is practicing healthy lifestyle habits by staying hydrated while he is on campus. Most of all, my son can have peace of mind knowing that he has fresh, clean, filtered water readily available to him at all times while he pursues his education. Plus, with new filters arriving directly to him, nothing could be more convenient. As his freshman year of college carries on, staying hydrated is one less thing that we both have to worry about. It is a total win-win for everyone!


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The Brita Space Saver pitcher and water bottle are both Available at Target Save 10% with the Target Cartwheel App here. 




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  • Brita products are looking great very durable and sleek kind but not sure whether they have hit the market in singapore yet. I myself love to keep a water jug on my table as no excuse to forgot drinking water.

  • Congratulations on your son entering college. I can feel the excitement on your part of the world. Anyway, having him hydrated and healthy is top priority.

  • It’s so unfortunate that Brita isn’t available in the Philippines. It has such a wonderful line of products that are perfect for any college student 😀

  • Brita products look very durable and stylish as well. Though I’m pretty sure that brand is not yet available here in our country. I really love the colors! 🙂

  • I have heard of this Brita filters pitcher. It is just that you have to keep buying filters or else the pitcher will lose its primary purpose. But anything for a safe drink of water.

  • We had a Brita in California, the same pitcher you got for your college student. We took it home with us to the Philippines but ran out of filters haha. Now it’s just in the storage room. It works great, the water we got from it is clean and refreshing.

  • Your son is very lucky to have you as a mother who assures that he’ll be safe and will be progressive throughout his school year. We must always assure that the water (or food) we intake should be clean and safe. This pitcher would really give mothers a peace of mind.

  • What a lucky kid to have a mom so caring as you are. College boy at that, he still has your hundred and one support. Thanks to Brita, he has a momma’s care even he is far-away from home.

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