This Is How You Buy the Best Cut of Flowers

This Is How You Buy the Best Cut of Flowers for Your Home and Family
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Buying your loved ones some flowers is a pretty straightforward task: you go in a florist’s shop or browse through the catalog of shops that have an online flower delivery service. Pick out a bunch of flowers that go well together; then have it arranged, prepared, and ready to be given as a gift. However, as easy as buying flowers sounds, some still mess it up a bit. Did you know that there is a proper way to buy flowers?

You do not want to give your loved ones frazzled, washed out flowers that smell incredible acrid. You want to surprise them with freshly cut, vibrant flowers that are quite aromatic. Well, here we list down ways in which you can make sure the flowers you are buying will bring a smile to people’s faces instead of the scrunched-up expression and an awkward thank you nod you used to get before.

You need to know which flower to buy first before going to a shop

To make it extra special, you need to find out what their favorite color is and take that into consideration. Choose flowers that are within that color palette, add a bit of variety for texture, and then have it arranged beautifully by the florist. If they have a specific favorite flower, however, make sure to pick that out and add flowers that come in different shades of color to make the presentation more eye catching. Just a small reminder, though: make sure that the flowers are in season. Some flowers might look a little wilted if it is note their time of the year to bloom yet.

Visit the florist early

Every weekend, we tend to buy our fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market early to get the freshest ones possible. The same is true for flowers, you need to be at the shop early to get the freshest bunch. Furthermore, certain seasonal flowers and special bouquets are displayed very early on, so you might want to check those out.

This Is How You Buy the Best Cut of Flowers for Your Home and Family

Look out for buds that are about to open

When choosing flowers, what you want are those that will have long-lasting blooms. To be able to get them, you should be able to buy buds that are only about to open. Buying open bud flowers may mean that it will look wilted after a short time. Try peeling the petals gently to make sure that these are firm; that is usually a sign that the flowers have healthy and strong buds.

Try to add a bit of green with your flowers

Some people do not realize it, but sometimes colorful flowers can look pretty mundane. To make sure that the arrangement of your flowers are top-notch, add a dash of green to it like geranium. Just like how you choose your flowers, make sure that the green flowers or plants that will go with your bunch are healthy and blemish-free.

This Is How You Buy the Best Cut of Flowers for Your Home and Family

Make sure the flowers are aromatic

Of course, what are beautifully arranged flowers if they do not smell pretty. To be able to choose good-smelling flowers properly, try doing this: close your eyes and choose a flower through your sense of smell. Then how it looks will just come afterward.

These are pretty easy ways to choose the best cut flowers, so try to keep these in mind the next time you are shopping again for your loved ones.


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