Caring for Loved Ones with Cancer with the Help of Walgreens

Caring for Loved Ones with Cancer with the Help of Walgreens
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Caring for loved ones with cancer is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences that a person can go through. I know this to be true because I’ve done it myself.

My oldest sister was diagnosed with advanced-stage colon cancer in 2001. The doctors told us that she only had 6 months to live at the most. My family and I were completely devastated.

As her condition worsened, I made the difficult transition from giving emotional support to full-time caregiver for her. I moved her into my home, and within a matter of months, I had to serve as decision maker, advocate, and communicator for her since she could no longer perform those roles for herself.

All of us were new to the job of caring for someone with cancer. While my sister’s attending physicians were very supportive and helpful, I was still unsure about my ability to properly manage my sister’s care while giving her the comfort, inspiration, and peace of mind to carry her through to the end.

My roles as my sister’s sole caregiver left me feeling alone. As days went on, it grew harder to keep her spirits up when I was barely keeping up my own. Initially, I didn’t know who to turn to. Then a friend of mine who served as a caregiver during her mom’s cancer journey suggested I should go to Walgreens and take advantage of their cancer support services.

caring for loved ones with cancer walgreens

Walgreens offers easy access to cancer information and caregiver support resources. The conveniently located Walgreens retail pharmacy locations in my neighborhood had in-aisle solutions that helped me to address some of the side effects that she was experiencing with her cancer treatment.

Walgreens has specially trained pharmacists who understand the side effects of medications. Plus, the cancer specialized Walgreens pharmacy had pharmacists that had completed additional training specific to cancer. Their trusted knowledge and support made me feel more confident in managing my sister’s side effects as they happened.

caring for loved ones with cancer walgreens

What I loved most about Walgreens cancer services during my sister’s cancer journey is how they provided a personal touch during every interaction I had with them. The staff worked to help me sort and fill out my sister’s insurance paperwork. With their personal and professional assistance, I found a way to better afford my sister’s cancer medications too.

The support that I received from Walgreens cancer support services empowered me and helped dissolve my fears of properly caring for my sister’s needs during her battle with cancer. Because of that, I was able to focus more on spending more intimate time with her; cherishing each and every moment in the final days leading up to her passing. Their logistical support and cancer educational resources gave me a huge sense of reassurance and relief.

In the bleak reality of losing my sister to cancer, Walgreens served as a positive light, providing a destination for information and holistic care. More so, it gave me a community of support and resources that were invaluable to me in my role as a caregiver. Just like my sister’s memory, the skilled guidance and encouragement I received from Walgreens cancer support services will be cherished by me forever.



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  • Kudos to Walgreens for providing caregiver support services. It is going to be a big help for those who provide assistance for people taking care of those suffering from cancer.

  • This is so admirable of Walgreen’s to offer caregiver support services. It is physically and emotionally exhausting to care for someone with cancer and I am happy that they can find a good support group to help them understand their role and encourage them on.

  • Cancer is such a horrible disease. It is taxing not only on the patient but the caregiver/family members as well. I am glad that Walgreens reached out and provided this kind of support service.

  • I had know idea that Walgreen’s offered this. I love to hear that companies and business that I support are in return supporting others and giving back.

  • I had no idea that Walgreen’s offered this kind of support. I lost my dad to cancer when I was 17. It’s a horrible disease that affects the lives of so many. Thank you Walgreen’s for helping caregivers an easier way to cope with the struggles.

  • Cancer is one of the diseases that I never want to deal with but life happens and we have no choice but to deal with the cards that we were dealt. It’s nice to know that Walgreens has everything that you need and that they go through the extra mile for you.

  • I cannot imagine the sadness and personal pain you went through emotionally in caring for your sister. Thankfully, your friend suggested Walgreen’s and their cancer support services.

  • Cancer is tough. My mom passed away from cancer when I was 16 and she was just 48. I’ve always heard wonderful things about Walgreens and this is just wonderful to see.

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