Country Music Superstar Clay Walker and Wife Jessica Talk Caring for Someone with MS

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Country Music Superstar Clay Walker is an entertainer, father and husband. The multi-platinum-selling sensation has been touring year-round, and even helped lead a fundraiser to assist people in flood-ravaged Houston earlier this year.

Through it all, he’s learned that no matter where life as a country musician takes him, he needs to make time for the other important loves of his life – wife Jessica, and their beautiful children.

He also makes it a priority to manage his health. You may recall my chat with Clay last year when he revealed that he was diagnosed with a relapsing form of multiple sclerosis (RMS) twenty years ago. But he hasn’t let it get in the way of pursuing his dreams.

That’s why Walker is highlighting and honoring caregivers like his wife Jessica. He credits her with providing support and strength with helping him live with an incurable condition. He, like other celebrities living with MS – also understands that it takes a team effort to manage this complex disease, and by working together with his health care team, his wife, family and friends, it is possible to manage a chronic illness.

Jessica says that after working together for years to manage Clay’s MS, they’ve learned what works best for him and the family, both while he’s at home and when he’s out on the road.

Clay and Jessica joined me recently to share their story, and provide their advice and support options for caregivers of loved ones with MS, and others who may facing a similar diagnosis.

Country Music Superstar Clay Walker

Take a look at our chat above.

Country Music Superstar Clay Walker 

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