Have We Entered The Age Of Custom-Designed Furniture?

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During the Late 20th century, computerized design made it possible for companies to put together kit furniture that was assembled using Allen wrenches once the furniture arrived at someone’s home or office. Stores like Ikea became well known for supplying a generation of young professionals with fashionable furniture that was assembled the same way.

Eventually, many people moved beyond the need to get furniture just for the sake of having something functional in place. The trend then began to shift toward participating in the design of your own furniture using components that are available online or at stores.

Here are some indications that custom-designed furniture will continue to grow in popularity:


Custom-Designed FurnitureComponent sites are doing well:  One example of how people are choosing to purchase furniture modularly and put it together can be seen at the tablelegsonline.com. From table legs to table tops, it is possible for people that are remodeling or adding furniture to their home to order their table in components and match the style and look that they want.

It is also the type of place that business people can go and order from. If you want a unique look for your restaurant or office, you can get multiple legs and add custom tabletops that fit the theme that you are trying to promote.


Maker sites are now online:  In the San Francisco Bay area and other places, they have gone beyond the maker fair type of venue. Instead of going in locally to work on equipment that you can rent, you can now go online and submit your computerized order so that a machine attached to the Internet can process it. In some cases, you can actually control the machine as it works along. So if you would like to create a custom part using a machine that works with wood or metal, you merely need to design it and be accurate about the measurements.

Custom-Designed Furniture

Helper sites are now online:  To accessorize your interior or add panache to the furniture that you are designing, mall sites like Etsy.com are available. You can find stores that sell wood leaf or other decorative items that can be added to the furniture that you want at a very competitive price.

Custom-Designed Furniture

More local material sites are willing to work with customizers:  Let’s say you are designing your dining room table and you find the best table legs that you can online.  Your goal now is to look at a tabletop that fits the legs that you are ordering. Unfortunately, you can’t find one. You can envision what will look good, but no one makes it. Fortunately, modern craftsman at countertop contractors have become better at creating customizations from customer designs. So if you know what you want, describe it to a contractor from a countertop place- or send them a sketch with accurate measurements and they can start working on creating the furniture piece that you desire.

Customizing your own furniture can put unique pieces of furniture into your home or business, inviting comment and admiration from those you know and do business with. Now that fulfillment of the customization is available online, its hard to imagine the trend doing anything other than growing in the future.

Custom-Designed Furniture

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