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Reviews and recommendations of products, items, places, events, or services are solely my own due to personal use/patronage.  Although there may be times when a company may request or sponsor a review of their products and services on this site, any such review is in my own words, and is in no shape or form influenced by the sponsoring company.  Sponsored posts will always be identified as such, with the disclaimer that views, opinions and other expressions regarding the product or service are solely my own.  



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This policy is intended to implement the procedures set forth in 17 U.S.C. Section 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) for the reporting of alleged copyright infringement. It is our strict policy to never knowingly work in association with any infringing entity’s unlawful use of a lawful trademark or lawful copyright. Remember, MELISASource.com is simply a site that provides its readers with inspirational, motivational, positive and empowering media, news, and opinions. All issues concerning copyright violations should be aimed at the sites hosting the material. This site does not host any of the streaming media and the owner has not uploaded any of the material to the video hosting servers. Anyone can find the same content on Google Video or YouTube on their own. I have no ties. This site simply uses such material for quality articles. I cannot know which movies, documentaries or cartoons are in public domain, which have been uploaded to e.g. Google video by the owner and which have been uploaded without permission, and is therefore willing to give the source url upon request. The copyright owner must further contact the source directly if they want their material off the internet completely.