Exploring the Fascinating Countries of North Africa

Exploring the Fascinating Countries of North Africa
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North Africa is an intriguing part of the world that is known for its unique cultures, momentous landmarks and beautiful desert landscapes. Exploring this part of the world will open the door to new and exciting adventures that are bound to impact your life in a positive way. These countries in North Africa offer something special for every type of traveler.



Exploring the Fascinating Countries of North Africa

The land of pyramids and ancient pharaohs has long been one of North Africa’s premier travel destinations. The Great Pyramid of Giza is a world-famous landmark that still stands thousands of years after it was built.

More tombs and structures of the ancient world can be seen by touring the Valley of the Kings. The city of Cairo boasts notable sites like the Saladin Citadel of Cairo and the famous marketplace known as Khan el-Khalili.

Ancient ruins, modern buildings and a stunning waterfront along the Mediterranean Sea make the city of Alexandria a remarkable place. The Luxor Museum has many ancient artifacts on display that were found underneath the Luxor Temple.


Exploring the Fascinating Countries of North Africa

Big cities along with vast desert and mountainous landscapes make Morocco a captivating country to visit. In Casablanca, you will find points of interest like the Hassan II Mosque, Old Medina and Casablanca Cathedral.

Rabat, Morocco’s capital city, is known for its lively neighborhoods and trendy cosmopolitan feel. Marrakesh features an old fortified city complete with vendor stalls that offer a variety of goods for sale.

You can even have one of the top travel agents in Morocco put together a guided tour itinerary that includes stops at famous landmarks and camel rides through the desert. While in Morocco, you can also try foods like Moroccan-style couscous, Zaalouk salad and pastilla.



Exploring the Fascinating Countries of North Africa

You can see the spectacular Mediterranean coastline, explore the orange-colored Tadrart Rouge, and visit many oasis towns in the desert while spending time in Algeria. Algiers, the country’s capital and most populous city, was once an important Phoenician colony and still features structures that reflect its ancient past.

The Arch of Trajan, which is located just outside of Batna, serves as a reminder of the country’s former rule under the Roman Empire. Oran is a port city that is known for its French colonial architecture and bustling commercial districts. Believe it or not, you can even go skiing in Algeria during the winter by visiting the ski resort at Tikjda.



Exploring the Fascinating Countries of North Africa

Often overlooked as a premier travel destination, Tunisia is a small country that still features many sites of interest that are worth seeing. The Roman amphitheater in El Djem bears a striking resemblance to the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. An extensive complex of ruins can be found in the ancient city of Carthage.

The capital city of Tunis is home to beautiful palaces, bustling marketplaces and expansive parks and other green spaces. While spending time in the country, you can also catch one of the national football team’s games that are played inside the Stade El Menzah stadium


The Canary Islands

Exploring the Fascinating Countries of North Africa

Though technically not part of the North African mainland, the Canary Islands are situated just off the cost of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. These islands are governed by Spain and combine some of the finest aspects of European and African influences.

Tenerife, the largest island, is famous for its exciting nightlight, world-class resorts and scenic beaches. The island of Fuerteventura is another great place to spend a vacation relaxing at the beach or hiking the rugged mountains that are situated farther inland. The magnificent Matriz Santiago de Los Caballero church and Maspalomas Lighthouse can be found on Gran Canaria. El Hierro, Lanzarote, La Gomera and La Palma are the other islands that make up the archipelago and are worth visiting.

North Africa

You can broaden your horizons and get to know a different part of the world by traveling to North Africa. If you take the time to see some of the top sites that are located in these countries, you will have the most fulfilling travel experience.

North Africa

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