3 Things Families Can Learn By Watching The Big Game

3 Things Families Can Learn By Watching The Super Bowl #superbowl #family
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The Big Game is this Sunday, and many families are making plans to huddle around the TV to cheer for their favorite NFL team to win, yell at the football players through the TV 🙂 , critique the various ads, enjoy their favorite big game snacks, and of course be blown away by the halftime performance. There are definitely plans to eat and hopes to have a good time with each other.

However more than that, there are some additional things that can come out of watching The Big Game as a family. I feel that  at the end of the evening, after the excitement has faded, after the cheers and thrills are no more, there are valuable lessons to be learned by everyone.

3 Things Families Can Learn By Watching the Super Bowl:

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Simply put, there is no “I” in team. And that goes for any kind of team: be it family or friends; professional or otherwise. Only with all players being on the same page can real progress and success manifest.

Super Bowl

Wanting Your Goal Is Not Enough—You Must Have Relentless Determination

No amount of accomplishment has ever come to anyone by desire alone. To want a goal is only a small part of the equation. Real accomplishment in anything in life only comes with a huge—almost insane—amount of determination and action.

super bowl

Even if you are losing, you might as well keep playing.

There will be times in life when you feel that you are losing in your journey. Remind yourself of how far you have already come. Win or lose, as long as you keep trying, everything will be okay.

 .Super Bowl

I have always felt that The Big Game is not just about entertainment or winning an ultimate prize, but rather it is about those 3 lessons listed above. I believe that families can learn these lessons from watching the game and put them to use in their own lives to help each other and themselves.


What are some things that you hope you family learns by watching The Big Game? Share with me below or tell me about it at: [email protected]

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