Frustrated and About to Give Up? Read This First

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Before you decide to throw in the towel and are about to give up once and for all, remember this: you are more than capable of succeeding in what you wish to accomplish.


The key is to take your attention away from the difficulties you are encountering along your journey, and instead put all of your focus, drive, and energy into making it to where you want to go. Yes, things are going to get tough; and when they do, yes it is going to unnerve you. However there has never been anything productive that has come out of keeping your focus towards the negatives. Nor does it help you to quit. When you are about to give up, remember that the only thing quitting does for you is confirm that you are indeed a quitter.


Now I ask you: Are you a quitter? Of course you’re not!


It makes no sense to walk away from your dreams, plans. and desires when you have come so far in your journey. Whether you are just starting out or at the halfway mark, when you really take time to look at it, you have made it much farther than many. Think about it for a second: there are a whole host of people out there who have the exact same goals and desires as you do, but they have not even started yet. If you have started, then you have already taken the greatest step in being well on your way to success.


Don’t you dare give up, and don’t you dare allow frustration to get to you! Take a brief moment to adequately deal with your emotions, but then shake it off, brush it off or whatever you have to do, then learn the lessons out of it and keep right on going. Achievement is in your reach as long as you stay on course.



Don’t stop now!


Enjoy today’s Music Mondays selection, “On Your Way To The Top” by Jazz artist Eric Darius.



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  • Right on, Makeba! It will seem to get worse than it will to get better, but we can never go by what it looks like, alone. The time invested has to be considered, the hard work put into it has to be thought about, and the fact that the individual has actually started, as you said, is one of the greatest steps that could be made, has to be included.

    Giving up is easy… sticking to your goal is harder, but pays off better in the long run.

    I believe what happens when a person starts considering quitting they have begun looking at other’s, and comparing their journey to the other people. Big Mistake!

    They don’t take into consideration what the other person is going through or has gone through to get to where they are… wherever they think that person is could be the total opposite of what is reality.

    Very encouraging post here, my friend. Thanks for being YOU and staying true to your gift. Great job on the post. 🙂

    • Greetings: You reminded me of this line in a movie that says, “Thing’s are gonna look ugly before they look pretty.” It was said by a person who was doing a home remodeling job for a family in the movie. That line always reminds me of life — how oftentimes when we’re setting out to do something new in our lives or take on a challenge, the beginning stages may look very unflattering. Then as we go on and start to learn the ropes a little, the appearance of it improves, but it still may be a ways off from where we would like to be. But just because it’s ‘not looking pretty’ yet, that doesn’t mean that you give up altogether.

      And you are so right–the quitting is most times heavily influenced by us looking around at others and their positions, then discouragement sets in. Like you said, everyone has their own pace, their own paths, and their own times to reach their destinations in life. It should never be compared to others. You said it my friend, ‘Don’t envy the glory when you don’t know the story.’

      I love the additional insight that you shared here with me and I am so glad that you enjoyed the song selection and found this post encouraging. Thank you so much for your kind words — keep rising and shining! 🙂

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