Girl Talk with My Teen: Womanhood and Personal Health

Girl Talk with My Teen: Womanhood and Personal Health
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vagisil for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


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My youngest daughter is finishing up her final year of junior high school this week. Before I know it, summer vacation will be over, and she will be entering the world of high school, filled with more homework, friends, and after school activities than ever before. Although a small part of me wishes she could stay fourteen forever, I know that she is growing up – and with that comes less dependence on me and more independence to take care of herself. Being that this is my second go at raising a teenage daughter, I know that the most important thing when it comes to caring for yourself and being at your best in every situation is self-confidence.


Girl Talk with My Teen: Womanhood and Personal Health


I just celebrated my 41st birthday a few weeks ago. As I took time to reflect on my journey as a woman, I thought about how much my body has changed since the days when I was a teenager. Over time, I’ve gone from only minimal care and concern of my body needed, to putting more fight and focus into making it a priority. The processes of aging and birthing four children certainly took a toll — especially on ‘certain areas’ of my body.

I struggle with bladder leakage and increased perspiration. I also suffer from irregular menstrual cycles due to elevated stress. Because of all of this, I have to focus more on the maintenance of my vaginal health. My sensitive skin forces me to be extremely mindful of my hygiene routine and the products that I use – it took a lot a trial and error to find the best product to keep my vaginal balance in order.

I don’t want my daughter to go through the same things that I did to discover what works best. Since I know that my daughter has sensitive skin too, I knew that it was time to share information with her that would benefit her as she enters high school.


Girl Talk with My Teen: Womanhood and Personal Health


I already have natural conversations with her about hygiene measures to take during her menstrual cycle, and as much as I dread to see her grow up, the time has come to discuss more things that she should look out for regarding her vaginal health.

Now that she’s embarking on the next chapter in her journey to womanhood, I decided to take our conversation about the proper care and upkeep of her body to the next level by taking time to chat with her about the hygiene products and processes that I use for my body, and encourage her to ask any questions she may have about her body. I assured her that no question was too big or too small, and that when it comes to your body and your health – especially maintaining the health of the most sensitive area of your body – you can never have too much information.

During our special ‘girl talk’ my daughter asked questions about her personal health that I noticed were a bit uncomfortable at first. She inquired about vaginal cleanliness and odor – especially during physical fitness class and after-school team sports practices, and how to minimize her risks for vaginal health issues, such as a yeast infection.


Girl Talk with My Teen: Womanhood and Personal Health


I told her that I totally understood how she was feeling. Staying on top of my personal health while keeping up with day-to-day activities still remains a priority for me today as a woman in my forties. I shared with her that I know firsthand how a period, working out, stress and even pregnancy can cause an increase of vaginal irritation, disrupt vaginal balance and increase the risk for vaginal health problems. While it can be a challenge to balance it all, I advised her of the good news that there are steps to take and products to use to make everything easier, like Vagisil’s pH Balance Wash.

Vagisil’s pH balance wash is specifically designed to help cleanse, protect, and maintain the health of the vaginal area. In fact, Vagisil is the only wash with Lactoprebiotics that is clinically proven to help maintain a healthy pH for all day confidence, and is gentle and safe enough to use every day for personal health.

Having our talk reminded me that the years of changing from a teen to full womanhood can be difficult to navigate as it is. I want to have the peace of mind in knowing that my daughter has (at least) a few less things to worry about when it comes to her personal health. Sharing with her the products that I use, giving her the ‘dos and don’t’s of hygiene, plus assuring her that she can turn to me for any questions or concerns about her daily intimate health upkeep puts my mind at ease that she will feel healthy, assured about herself, and completely confident during her journey into womanhood.

Vagisil’s pH Balance Wash helps bring balance to your life in the area of personal health. To learn more, visit the Vagisil website. You can also connect with Vagisil on /facebook and Twitter.

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  • That must be a challenging time for you; I do not have any children, but I do have 11 nieces and nephews. Only a few of them are close to this age and not yet at the age to go into High School though. I am sure that is particularly difficult for a parent – it is so good that you are able to (and do) talk to your daughter about so many things in life’s journey.

  • Gosh, that age is such an unsure time. A lot of changes going on. Good for you on supporting your daughter through every step!

  • I had my daughter when I was fairly young so there were times that talks like these were like sister-to-sister talks. It is important to mind personal hygiene. There are a lot of vaginal washes available, but we must choose the ones that would not alter the ph balance. Vagisil is a good product to recommend.

  • We definitely do focus more on good health and such as we get older. There are a lot of changes to pay attention to too.

  • This is so special, I am the mom of three girls. I know that having any kind of girl talk is rough on us both. Great tips here!

  • It’s awesome that you have such a great relationship with your daughter. I had a wonderful relationship with my mother when I was a teen. And we are still very close.

  • It’s important to be able to open up to your daughter and vice versa. There are things and topics that are harder to initiate or discuss that others. I’m sure your daughter appreciated all that you’ve shared to her.

  • Oh, this is nice. I will share this with my mom, my sister is a teen now and I can see she has some issues that need a parenting guidance.

  • Thanks for teaching her how to take care of herself and that she can come to you as a resource. I was scared to ask my mom a lot of questions about my period and cleanliness.

  • We are only a few years from these conversations and I am not looking forward to her growing up! Someone slow time.

  • It is so important to keep an open communication with your teen girl for sure. I know they probably shudder at the talk about about this, but I loved reading this and glad you shared!

  • These conversations can be difficult but they are so important. I’m sure your daughter is glad she can come to you for answers.

  • I have daughters, and it’s so important to prepare them for all aspects of that sort of hygiene. Between menstruation and everything else that can go on down there, you need to know all about it.

  • I think you and your daughter are so cute. I love the mommy daughter bonding and i will be honest my mom didnt really go into too much details about feminine hygeine and stuff when I was younger. But I will be honest…thank God I did do my research as a teen and young adult and I have been to doctors that says washes are actually not good for us, and could hurt your PH balance.

    I am not here to be a Debbie Downer just honesty because truth is truth and I would tell my good girlfriend this as well as my future daughter that she shouldnt have to use all of this to be clean. Maybe at 18 if she wanna make those decisions to use these products but as a teen oh no…I am just being honest too young. Way too young…but to each it own. I wish you and your daughter the best but at least it opens up uncomfortable but necessary conversations.

  • I wish all moms were like you, you sound like caring is so natural for you. Talking about these things with a growing young woman is both nurturing and sensitive especially when it comes to realizing a streak of discomfort at times. I’m sure Vagisil’s pH wash can help her during her times of need.

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