This is How I Ensure My Home is Clean and Healthy (and Smells Good) for Spring

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Clorox Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring season is almost here, and of course that means the time has arrived to begin planning for spring cleaning. Allergies, asthma, and school germs increase as the weather starts to transition to warmer temperatures. Knowing this, as a Mom I have to be very proactive when it comes to shielding any onset of illness around the house.

With a busy (and full) household that includes 3 kids and a cat, simply cleaning my home is not enough. I need to have the peace of mind that my family is healthy. Additionally, as spring sports get underway and my husband and I entertain more guests for gatherings, I also need my home to smell good – all the time.

In fact, my whole approach to spring cleaning is centered on keeping my family as healthy as possible, and my home smelling as fresh as possible. It is a huge deal for me! I strive to go beyond just cleaning and ensuring that the proper steps are taken to achieve both goals. This goes far beyond just ‘soap and hot water’ for cleaning, but instead being more aggressive with killing viruses and bacteria by using products that I can trust to have the ingredients needed to guarantee a complete clean, while leaving a pleasant scent. A trade-off between products that clean well or just cover up odor is simply not an option for me. So to achieve this, I turn to Scentiva.

Ensure My Home is Clean and Healthy clorox scentiva

Scentiva provides me with the strong power of Clorox clean and an amazing scent for an all-in-one solution. It kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and cleans, disinfects and deodorizes. With scents like Tuscan Lavender and Jasmine and Hawaiian Sunshine, I can have peace of mind knowing that I am effectively killing germs as I clean, and my home is consistently pleasant to the smell every time I clean. The spray and wipes options are not only great for spring cleaning time, but also perfect for everyday use.

Ensure My Home is Clean and Healthy clorox scentiva

I use Scentiva for everything from big surfaces like countertops, tables, and desks, to the smallest surfaces such as light switches, door knobs, and cabinet handles. As long as I cover every area—especially those tough-to-reach nooks and crannies—I know I can rest assured that the house is as free and clear from germs as can possibly be. This reduces the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses between members of my family. Plus, whenever I open the doors of my home to someone – be it a family member or my kids’ friends from school – my home will smell wonderful: which a total relief for me!


No matter what time of year it is, one thing remains the same: I love to clean in the flow of life. Fortunately, Scentiva allows me to do exactly that. It is so easy to use and smells great, too! With one easy step, my home is home is clean and healthy in addition to smelling amazing—during spring cleaning season and beyond.

Ensure My Home is Clean and Healthy clorox scentiva

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Ensure My Home is Clean and Healthy clorox scentiva

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  • This past weekend we had spring weather and after the stomach flu went through our home last week, I tried my best to air things out and Clorox the heck out of it! I need to find this new line!

  • It’s important for me to clean and disinfect the house thoroughly when we’re welcoming a new season. This sounds like a great cleaning product! I didn’t know that clorox has a line of products like this.

  • You know, I love Clorox wipes, but the scent has always been a turn off for me. I am glad to find out that they have some pleasantly scented wipes now. I need to try this. I bet it makes my house smell lovely.

  • I have many Clorox products because they are a classic. They’ve been around a while and it shows in their products that they know what they’re doing.

  • I love me some Clorox and love me some cleaning! I have already started cleaning things out as if it were spring. It’s never too early is it?

  • Love Clorox! I havent seen this particular one in stores here though. Scentiva. I am heading out this afternoon so I will be keeping my eyes peeled!

  • I can’t wait for winter to be over! However, it is the spring cleaning that I dread. Anyway, I am sure cleaning will be a breeze with Chlorox. There are a few of their products I have not tried yet, but they do look awesome so I’ll include them in my grocery list.

  • We are a Clorox family all the way! I use the Clorox Wipes on the counters, the sinks and the bathroom. The Clorox Spray is great for keeping the bathroom clean and smelling fresh.

  • This is what makes our winter an easy one. I’m pretty because we use these is the reason we don’t get sick. Clorox keeps the germs away.

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