Life Love and Family Series: Parents Need Love Too!

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In this final installment of the Life Love and Family series, I would like to introduce to you Keinya Lawrence of I feel so blessed to have met her across the web! She is a person that I look to for great ideas and inspiration in my own BusyMom life! Please welcome her as she shares her thoughts.




So Mother’s Day has come and gone…but not your motherly duties. That kinda never ends. As a mom do you ever get so caught up in the midst of those mommy duties that you kind of leave your other half hanging? Of course it’s unintentional and you want to fulfill those duties too, but you are just so tired and exhausted from handling all of those motherly tasks that no one else is gonna do or can do for that matter. If this is a fitting description of you, not to worry: you are not alone.



Here are a few fun ideas to spice things up and make for a completely happy home- other half included!


1.  Take care of yourself!  Basically, don’t stop getting dolled up just because you have a special someone. The last thing you want to do is let yourself go so if you have been doing the frumpy look lately, snap out of it and remind that special someone how gorgeous you are! Yeah it’s work, but it’s worth it.


2. Send them messages here and there and call just to say I love you…just because. That kind of stuff can make a person’s day. There are even some cool phone apps that will send a card that you personally design. Send a love card even if it’s coming right to your own address. It can make for a fun gesture too to set up a date night or something.



3. Play hooky together! Yes you sure can. You both could arrange the same day “off” and on the morning of, do the same routine to get kids out the door if you have any (otherwise you are set) and make sure you tell NO one you are off that day because the point is to not be bothered. Have some quality time and even dare to do something different that you’ve been wanting to do together.


The point is that happy parents make for a happy home. Remember parents need love too! In your busy-ness do not forget to take care of yourself and give focus to stuff that is not all about completing daily chores or tasks. Sometimes a little selfishness is just what is needed to refuel yourself and put that pep in your step!




Keinya L, the voice behind Busyfams is a busy mama of 3, a happily married wife, sibling of many (yep part of a big dysfunctional, but loving family), a student who is extremely close to obtaining that BS degree, and a full time supervisor…trying to juggle a blog in the mix too! Is she crazy?! Yes…just a little, but she wears many hats and has inspiring stories, a sense of humor, random thoughts, and “realness” to offer in the areas of “busyness” and work/life balance.  She’s all about staying on top of your game in that sometimes dysfunctional world called family. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.



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  • Soooo true! It is so easy to forget yourself and your own needs when there are other people in your life–not only children–we do it with spouses,boy/girl friends, siblings, friends…Good for you for reminding people that being selfish is sometimes the most selfless thing to do! ;o) I look forward to reading more!

    • Greetings: I am glad that you enjoyed this series! Many thanks to Keinya L. as well as all of the guest bloggers for their contributions! Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

    • Greetings: I am glad that you enjoyed the series! Many thanks to Keinya L. as well as all of the guest bloggers for their contributions! Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

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