Meagan Good’s Inspiring Message To Young Women [VIDEO]

megan good empowering message to young women #megangood
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This is very powerful. Watch as actress Meagan Good shares her inspiring message and advice to young women regarding self image, self-awareness, and love.


.Inspiring Message To Young Women



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  • Love this. Even though I’m 5 years younger than my sister I always felt this way. We came from the same home, the same parents that lived in the same home but such different values and morals. I watched as she picked wrong man after wrong man and couldn’t understand why and how she could do it. Now, 40 years old…it makes sense. Because she has sickle cell disease she never let God take her hand and guide her in the direction her life should go, instead she let a man.

    I love this video! Now that I have shared my testimony…lol 😉

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