MrOwl Gives You an Online Home for All of your Personal Interests

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MrOwl is the perfect solution for people who have a passion for curating a wide variety of fascinating finds! It is a free platform to grab and share knowledge about the things that inspire you.

MrOwl is a home for all of your interests

I know firsthand just how amazingly awesome MrOwl is because I use it myself! I now easily build, organize, and customize topic “branches” to grab and share with friends and family, without ever worrying about multiple platforms again! My personal user experience with MrOwl is that I find it INCREDIBLY easy to gather all of my most frequented links and resources for yoga, indoor home decor, outdoor home finds, men’s health, stretching tips, jogging tips, kid’s health. I find it VERY easy to create the branches on my profile!! It literally only takes me a few seconds to create branches, grab branches, upload photos to my profile, and share with friends. I think that using MrOwl is souch fun and I enjoy using MrOwl immensely!!!

See, I am a person who loves many areas of interest including yoga, art, fashion, sports, food, you name it! Initially, I used a separate digital platform to engage in my love for each one. Doing so was stressful, and took the fun out of sharing amongst family and friends. MrOwl Gives You an Online Home for All of your Personal Interests

That was, until I discovered MrOwl. It turned everything around for the better!

MrOwl is SO much fun, and so simple to use!! I can always find exactly what I’m looking for with MrOwl’s unique search feature! No more hunting around for hours on end trying the find the perfect match for my query! Whether I am at home or on the go, I can let my imagination guide me and see my interests come to life!

With MrOwl, I can organize all my fab finds in ONE easy place! Keeping up with multiple platforms was such a pain! It is such a relief to know that I can easily create an online space just for me that is based on the topics that are important to me to inspire me every day.

MrOwl Gives You an Online Home for All of your Personal Interests

Did I mention how much fun MrOwl is?! I love that it allows me to join in a community curated by REAL people just like me – not robots like other places online! Because of this, I can now collaborate on topics I love with family, friends, and other real users.  Plus, I can find new interests and get inspired!  Check out my MrOwl branch on stretching!

MrOwl Gives You an Online Home for All of your Personal InterestsThe best part is that MrOwl gets “wiser” as more people use it. The topic “branches” that I build help to shape a master “tree” for a truly personalized and authentic online sharing community.

How cool is that?!

MrOwl Gives You an Online Home for All of your Personal Interests

Once I gave MrOwl try, I was hooked! It blows all the other online curating communities out of the water! The platform is so exciting and so personalized, I had to tell everyone about it! It is a breath of fresh air from the existing traditional ways to discover and share online.

MrOwl Gives You an Online Home for All of your Personal InterestsNow that I have found MrOwl, I am all-in! I finally feel like I have my own little world online, just for me! And, I can share my world with other people exactly the way that I want to. It simply does not get any better than that! I am officially a MrOwl super-fanatic, and there is no turning back from here!

Download the MrOwl app to get started, and Sign Up! Then, follow me on MrOwl – let’s get sharing!

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Download the MrOwl app to get started

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