My Husband Saved Someone’s Life – But That’s Not Why He’s a Hero

My Husband Saved Someone's Life
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For most wives, having their husband come home from work is just another routine part of daily life. For me however, that very same action is cherished as a special gift.

The reason? Because my husband is a Firefighter.




When I see him off to work his shift, I never know what may happen thereafter. Will he return home safely? Will something happen to him during one of his emergency calls? I oftentimes spend the days and nights worried about getting a phone call – or worse: a knock at the front door. One would think that after being married to a Firefighter for so long that worries would subside. But they don’t. Worry is simply a part of the life of a Firefighter’s wife.My Husband Saved Someone’s Life

In fact, I think about his safety and well-being while he’s at work far more than I do his actual job. I rarely think about the emergencies that he and his company respond to from day to day, or the huge impact his bravery has on others, or even how in his career he not only saves structures, but he also saves lives.

A few weeks ago, my husband was recognized by our city for saving the life of a man who suffered a heart attack. There was a grand ceremony in honor of his engine company and as well others in the region for their heroism.



Very proud. #HappeningNow #WonderfulMoment #Blessed #GodIsGood

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My Husband and I after receiving his special honor.


As my husband received his honor, I reflected on the fact that while I often refer to him as ‘Hero’ (that is even his ‘name’ here on the blog), it was never because he is a firefighter. I call him Hero because of everything he is to me: a wonderful husband, a strong, smart, funny, and brilliant man, and most of all, my best friend.




I call him Hero because of the amazing Dad that he is to all of our children. No matter how tired he is after his shifts at the fire station, he comes home with a huge smile and a warm hug for our kids. He is always there for each and every one of them: whether it’s by phone or in person. He is the Dad that when our son Jedi showed interest in Boy Scouts, he committed himself to becoming a Scoutmaster, and was right by his side every step of the way through the ranks to earning Eagle Scout – in spite of his hectic work schedule.


Proud (Scoutmaster) Dad: Our son Jedi earning the rank of Eagle Scout in May.


He is the Dad that takes his off days to have lunch with our youngest daughter Lady T at her school, and sits on the floor to play with race cars and LEGOs with our youngest son Manny. He gives fire safety talks every year at all of our kids’ schools, and makes sacrifices to attend school plays, sports games, music recitals, family vacations—the whole nine. He does all of this while never allowing the stress and strain of his job affect how he is when he is off duty, and he always goes out of his way to make us happy. Year in and year out, he makes me and our kids feel so very fortunate to have the best husband and father in the world.


Loving Dad: Enjoying Daddy-daughter time while vacationing in Cincinnati


Doting Dad: Holding on to Manny to keep him safe every moment while in Florida.


For all of those reasons and so many more, he is my Hero. I always want to be sure that he has the best of everything that he needs to go out and be the hero to others that his job requires – and also to minimize my extreme worrying.

When he is risking his life rushing into burning buildings, he needs to be thoroughly protected from the flames and heat. So I always check his face mask and turnout gear and mend any rips and tears. Also while he’s inside, he needs to be able to see as best as possible in order to handle his job tasks and keep himself (and others) as safe as possible. So I bought him an Energizer Headlight for his fire helmet from Target as an early Father’s Day gift. With supreme durability, water resistance, over five hours of operation, and three lighting modes that extend up to 70 miles, I can rest assured that he is equipped with the best lighting while he is in dangerous situations while on duty.




Being a Firefighter’s wife is worrisome enough. I am glad that with my husband having the Energizer Headlight for work, I can at least mark one worry off of my list. For every day that he comes home, I am grateful and relieved that not only that he was able to complete another work shift safely, but also that my kids and I receive the gift of having our Hero home with us one more time.


My Husband Saved Someone’s Life

Get the Hero Dad in your life the perfect Father’s Day gift: the Energizer Headlight provides hands-free lighting for on-the-job tasks and other activities when Dads need to use both of their hands.



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My Husband Saved Someone’s Life

Do you have a special Hero Dad in your life? Share with me below or tell me about him at: [email protected]

My Husband Saved Someone’s Life

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  • Yep, my husband is my hero. He is a service member in the military and I’m very proud of all that he has done and is doing for our country. Your husband is amazing and I agree with everyone else’s sentiments! You are married to a Super Hero! 😉

  • This headlight would be a great gift for my Dad. He is always doing projects where he needs his hands free. This is a great post about your husband. He is a true Hero.

  • My brother-in-law is a firefighter and I am forever grateful for the risks he takes and the service he provides. However, I agree with you that being a good father is one reason he’s a hero.

  • I have three very special men in my life, my brother (who is a hero to me in a very special way), my dad (he is technically my step-dad, but more of a father than any man I know), and my husband… who is the most amazing father. If I were to be honest, he actually spends more time with our son than I do. They have “guy” time every day. I love the close relationship and bond they share! Your husband sounds amazing, too! Here’s to all the great dads!

  • What a great post to your husband! I can relate. My husband doesn’t put his own life in danger, but he does work in the medical field and he saves lives. It’s sad when he comes home (like last night) and a patient has passed.

  • You’re lucky to have a hero in your husband and also being a hero in the community. I have headlamps like this though I like the variety of colors here.

  • Wow, so moving! We all take our hats off to Dad’s like your husband who fight to protect and save people every day. He sounds like a very honorable man.

  • What a beautiful post. Your husband is totally awesome, both for being a lifesaver and a great dad. Happy Father’s Day to him.

  • This is such a sweet post. I can’t imagine your worries when he’s away for work. It must be very hard. But I believe the Lord will guide and keep him safe as he save more lives. 🙂

  • Your husband should be in the dictionary under the word Hero! What a guy, you are lucky to have him!
    That flashlight would be come in handy for so many dads… my husband is not a firefighter but he likes to camp and that flashlight would come in handy for those late nights of setting up a tent.

  • Your husband sounds like a great guy. My husband would love that headlight. He has a thing for flashlights especially when it is hurricane season.

  • What a beautiful family Makeba! You and your children must brag often about all the lives your husband saves as a firefighter. I know they have crazy hours and for him to be able to spend time with his kids is a blessing. I’ll say a prayer to continue to keep him safe! My husband could definitely use one of those head lamps in his profession. He does general contracting.

  • It certainly looks like you won the lottery with such a wonderful, inspiring father figure for your children. Happy Father’s Day!

  • Your husband really is the true definition of hero! How awesome is he. This is lovely, and that truly is a great gift for fathers day. I’m still unsure of what I’m getting my hubby!

  • My father is a retired Chief of Police, so I can appreciate the every day worry you feel when sending your husband off to work. It takes a special person to be willing to give their lives for strangers. He sounds like a wonderful man and I’m sure the Energizer Headlight will come in very handy for him! #client

  • Oh my gosh – your husband is an absolute hero but no doubt he will tell you he is just doing his job! Such a lovely way to be honoured like that. You must be very proud!xx

  • My husband was a fire fighter for 20 years while he was in the military. Now he’s retired, but he misses it.

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