Take a Stand: Join the National Rally for Children’s Health

National Rally for Children's Health
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Did you know that approximately 50 percent of American children today are chronically ill? Over 8 million American kids are being prescribed psychiatric medication today.

What’s worse is that children and parents are being forced to view certain health conditions as normal, and are being discounted, ridiculed, and even bullied for attempts to advocate for their child’s health.

Families are being dismissed from their pediatricians’ offices, bullied by medical professionals, and forced into compliance to simply send their kids to school and/or participate in activities. Teens and college students in certain work environments across the nation are put in positions to either wear protective masks or find other jobs due to noncompliance.

Additionally, the level of segregation and discrimination taking place across the nation amongst the population of those who choose to entertain an alternative form of health for their families, such as choosing natural health remedies, exploring root causes, seeking additional expert opinions, or even declining a single medical procedure is frightening.

With so many kids and young adults struggling with allergies, asthma, eczema, auto-immune disorders, speech delays, neurological tics, autism, cancer, and other chronic conditions and neurological disorders, there is an urgency to come together, assert said conditions/disorders are NOT normal and engage in respectful conversations for families to discover root causes and become knowledgeable about all health options available.

That is why on Saturday June 17th, the Children’s March for Humanity (CMFH) will initiate the National Rally for Children’s Health in over 26 cities nationwide. In Washington, D.C., parents and children will gather in Lincoln Park at 9:30 am on June 17th to walk together to The Capitol Building Grounds as the main march location along with 25 satellite cities where the Rallies will be occurring simultaneously.

National Rally for Children's Health

The Children’s March For Humanity (CMFH) National Rally for Children’s Health events will be family-friendly with speakers, food trucks, live music, kids’ activities and resources provided to assist families on their journey of discovery for leading healthy lifestyles. Children will play an instrumental part of the rally and are encouraged to arrive dressed up as professions of their choice to be showcased as our “future society.”

CMFH’s mission is to put an end to mainstream media, medical professionals and government agencies conditioning the public that chronic conditions and neurological disorders such as eczema, allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, neurological tics, speech delays, autism, cancer and more are normal and part of everyday life for America’s children, when in fact they are not.

Once a condition is normalized, discovering root causes is no longer a priority and therefore proper research, healing and prevention cannot take place. It is even becoming offensive in our society to imply certain conditions and disorders would benefit from healing.

The March for Humanity’s National Rally for Children’s Health invites families to engage in respectful conversations discussing various toxin exposures contributing to root causes, as well as alternative, natural treatments and prevention opportunities for the chronic conditions and neurological disorders that plague children today. The rally’s goal is to encourage parents to not accept normalization of chronic conditions and neurological disorders for today’s modern childhood, and to be more informed and proactive in safeguarding their child’s health and future.

National Rally for Children's Health


National Rally for Children’s Health

To register for a free attendance, www.childrensmarchforhumanity.org.

National Rally for Children’s Health

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