Health And Human Rights Supporters Explain New Trend In Investing

new trend in investing
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New investors are making money and supporting their favorite causes, such as Human Rights and Cancer, at the same time

According to recent CNN reports, ninety-three percent of millennials say, when it comes to investing for their futures, they distrust markets, lack investing knowledge and are less confident about investing.  Add to that, many in this group see their missions in life as something much greater – like changing the world.

But, there’s a new investing model that empowers Americans to make money and take a stand on community issues. Swell is a research company that creates “cause-driven” investment models that you can use to earn both a return for you and for your cause.  In fact Swell will give 20% of their revenue* to charity!  It’s called ‘cause investing’.

Socially minded financial experts Liam Monaghan and Dave Fanger are the brains behind Swell Investing’s cause platform. Dave along with Khanh T. Tran, President of Pacific Life Insurance Company sat down with me for an interview to share more details on this new trend in investing.

new trend in investing

Take a look at the interview below:



To learn more about the new trend in investing, visit:

new trend in investing

Meet the Experts:


About Liam Monaghan & Dave Fanger

Liam Monaghan was born and raised in South Africa during the time when Nelson Mandela negotiated the end of apartheid, forming his deep respect for human rights and passionate support for ending poverty.

Dave Fanger, who lives with Type I diabetes, and his family has had direct experience in the battle against cancer, and thus cares deeply about good health and supporting the fight against diseases. 


About Khanh T. Tran, Pacific Life President

Khanh Tran was an 18 year old in America during the Fall of Saigon. He volunteered as a translator in refugee camps before ultimately being reunited with his family by complete chance. Tran was named president of Pacific Life in 2012, overseeing aviation leasing, asset management, corporate development, corporate financial, investment management, and pension advisory groups. 

new trend in investing

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