Beyonce Shows Support for World Humanitarian Day [VIDEO]

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Beyonce had everyone wondering what she was up to when she shared a curious message on her website last week. On July 25, she posted a photo of the sky with simply the words, “Leave your footprint on 19 August 2012.” Many media outlets and fans suspected that she was alluding to a possible new music release.


Today, she clarified the message and proved that she was talking about something much different.


August 19th is World Humanitarian Day, and Beyonce along with her company Parkwood Entertainment are putting their support behind the cause. The day, a global celebration of people helping people, was created in effort to recognize those who brave danger and adversity to help others.


Beyonce is pushing to raise awareness of World Humanitarian Day by amplifying information about the event on her website. Today, she posted an overview of what day is about, as well as ways for people to get involved and show their support. She also included an illustration by artist Dallas Clayton.


Her message to the world is that no act of kindness and appreciation is too small. Everyone has the power to make a difference.

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I will be fully supporting awareness of World Humanitarian Day. I hope that you will too!



Want to know how to get involved for Word Humanitarian day? Click Here.

To see the illustration by Dallas Clayton, click Here.


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    • Greetings Val! Yes I was so excited when I learned the news of this campaign. What a great role model she is to work to bring awareness to Humanitarian efforts! And the video at the U.N. was amazing! ~Thank you so much for sharing here with me! 🙂

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