The Magic Touch: How ‘OurPact’ Can Change Your Family

The Magic Touch: How 'OurPact' Can Change Your Family
Makeba Giles

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Makeba Giles

Imagine this.

You get home from a long day at work, and manage to put that last oomph of energy into making a nice family meal. The only thing getting you through the day was the thought of spending some quality time with the family.

As you’re setting the table, you (politely) yell down the hall for everyone to come to dinner.


You ask again.

*Brief Pause*

“… I’m in the middle of a level! Just five more minutes!”

At this point, dinner’s getting cold, and you’re getting not just exhausted, but frustrated. Just as your patience is about to take a nosedive, you pull your phone out, and tap a button.

With that, all of the internet and apps on your kids disappear. Poof! Seconds later, the kids are strolling in and plunking down at the table, ready to eat (and talk!).

Sounds like some crazy voodoo, hey?

Turns out, it isn’t that crazy after all. In fact, it’s totally possible.

Let me introduce OurPact.

OurPact is an awesome parental control app that – after a quick two minute (secret) set up – lets parents remotely manage their children’s devices. This isn’t a hoax, it isn’t a scam, this is straight truth.


How OurPact Works

OurPact offers parents two main features (with more to come): Automated Schedules and At-a-Touch Management.

With automated schedules, you can have pre-set periods of time that devices will be blocked, such as bedtime, school hours, or that weekly tutor session. With at-a-touch management, you can manually block individual child devices, for as long as you want. This is great for meals, car rides, or nipping screen time arguments right in the bud.


The Magic Touch: How 'OurPact' Can Change Your Family


Some extra bonuses:

  • Management is possible from anywhere – whether you’re down the hall from your kid, on the other side of the country, or running errands, you stay in control.
  • Kids devices can be blocked on Wi-Fi or cellular connections.
  • A grant feature allows parents to grant access on top of block schedules with ease (for example, if you have a school schedule in place but your kid has a dentist appointment, you can grant 15 minutes while you’re in the waiting room).
  • Set up is easy and intuitive (it only takes a couple minutes!).
  • The parent app is available on iOS, and through a web app.
  • Management of children’s mobile iOS and Android devices is offered.
  • … Did I mention it’s free?!


This app is a total game-changer for any family… Especially those that value quality family time, and struggle to balance device use.


Interested? You can sign up today, for FREE, by clicking HERE, or on the banner below… You won’t regret it, and that’s a promise!


The Magic Touch: How 'OurPact' Can Change Your Family



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