Expert Advice: Overcoming ‘Mom Guilt’ When Preparing Healthy Meals for Kids

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Getting kids to eat nutritious food has been a problem for generations. With the demands of home, work, and family, today’s parents may be even more stressed out than ever when it comes to getting their children to eat right.

Unlike generations before her, the Mom of this generation apparently has less time yet more information available to her – so what’s the answer?

Just in time for National Nutrition month in March, a new survey of 1,000 moms under age 45 reveals something many millennial moms may feel guilty about – how to get a healthy meal on the table that everyone can enjoy. But there is hope.

The good news is there are many ways to help moms get on track and make sure their kids are getting what they need….and perhaps in some very unique and never before thought of ideas for this year and beyond.

One of America’s most recognized nutritionists, Kate Geagan joined me recently to share more about these survey findings, along with her favorite family-friendly nutrition tips for preparing healthy meals for kids. Kate also discussed the top five ways something as simple as orange juice can infuse great taste and nutrition into breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Take a look above.preparing healthy meals for kids

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preparing healthy meals for kids

Meet Our Guest

DSC_0003-3One of America’s most recognized nutritionists, Kate Geagan is an award-winning dietitian who has helped millions fall in love with food that powers a vibrant, high energy life. She is an internationally known author, speaker, consultant and nutrition communications expert, as well as a spokesperson for several global brands in the organic and natural space. Kate was named One of the Top 10 Most Influential Registered Dietitians in the US by Today’s Dietitian Magazine in 2013.

preparing healthy meals for kids

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