Petal It Forward Spreads Happiness by Surprising People with Flowers

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Have you ever been having a bad day needed something to cheer you up? Ever wished for someone to appear out of the blue and surprise you with an expression of encouragement that gives you the strength to keep going?

Let’s be honest: we have all had those moments. Sometimes every day. And while we try our best to keep our heads up and go it alone, we know that simply having someone show us, ‘hey: we see you!’ would make walking the road of life a little bit brighter.

Fortunately, there’s a public awareness effort that has come along to help do just that.

To help people across the country start their day with a smile, on October 11th florists nationwide are hitting the streets to surprise busy commuters with two free flower bouquets – one to keep and one to give to a friend, family member, colleague or a complete stranger. Through this random-acts-of-kindness-style effort called Petal It Forward, tens of thousands of flowers are set to reaffirm the science behind flowers’ ability to improve moods and bring people together.

Petal It Forward

“Research shows that receiving flowers makes us happy and that giving flowers makes us even happier,” said Jennifer Sparks, SAF Vice President of Marketing. “The floral industry wants to share positivity and kindness toward others, and to give people the chance to do that for someone else,” she said.

These “mood-boosting effects” are not an assumption, said Sparks. “They’re backed by science.”

Recent studies prove that simply seeing or smelling flowers improves a person’s mood, and receiving flowers makes an occasion more memorable. These findings back up previous behavioral research on flowers conducted by Rutgers and Harvard that scientifically demonstrate the positive impact flowers have on emotional well-being.

Petal It Forward

And the agreement of the positive effects of flowers is huge. Really huge!  So much so there will be Petal It Forward events happening in all 50 states including D.C. and Canada. 561 events. 459 cities total.

My son loves to surprise me often by bringing me flowers home from school and work. No matter how many times he does it, I know how elated and appreciated I feel every time.


Not only does it lift my mood, receiving flowers always makes me want to pay it forward – be it to them, or to a loved one or friend just to show that I care. Bringing a smile to someone else’s face helps my day go better!

I am so excited about the Petal It Forward initiative! With so much happening in the world today, a day of spreading happiness and positivity is certainly going to make a huge difference!

Petal It Forward

For more information on the benefits of flowers, visit and

Petal It Forward

Follow the event happenings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #petalitforward. Check out this super fun video here about the true power of flowers and Petal It Forward.

Petal It Forward

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