Protect Your Phone with Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection Plan

Protect Your Phone with Verizon's Total Mobile Protection Plan feat
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Protect your phone. It’s something I tell my 4 kids all the time.  They love their phones, just like all of us. And just like all of us, they sometimes have mishaps.

It happens. Life gets hectic, and none of us can always be 100% on point all the time. We get rushed. We’re flying out the door for family travel or gatherings, or even work and school activities. I can tell you that there have been plenty of times where we have accidentally dropped our phone, and it landed in just the right way to crack the screen.

Be it summer, winter, spring, or fall, life happens. And the unfortunate truth is that our phones can pay the price. That’s why it’s important to me to protect all of our phones. They are NOT cheap, so I make sure that I keep that investment safe.


Protect Your Phone on all Fronts

Since I am constantly on the go, I make sure I keep my phone protected in every way possible. I have a fingerprint login and a code login to protect my information should my phone get stolen. My phone has a killer protective case that keeps it safe from shock and damage from up to a 7 foot drop on to concrete.

I also have a plan that allows me and everyone else in my household to get our phones fixed quickly and easily should disaster strike. And trust me, as a blogger with kids in high school and college, it is a disaster if our phones break!

Protect Your Phone with Verizon's Total Mobile Protection Plan

Total Mobile Protection from Verizon

Total Mobile Protection from Verizon offers us peace of mind for our phones. It’s a device insurance plan that is only available through Verizon, and it protects us on all fronts. If we lose or break our phone or if our phone is stolen, Verizon will ship us a replacement phone as soon as the NEXT DAY.

As Verizon customers, we also have access to  cracked screen repairs that can happen as soon as that same day at a new lower deductible price of $49 versus the old $79 deductible cost. And on top of that, in 120 markets across the nation, a technician can come to your home!

That’s enough to make it an amazing addition to our phone protection arsenal, but Verizon actually went even further. Their Total Mobile Protection Plan also offers expert tech support with Tech Coach. It provides us with unlimited access to experts who can help us with any question we might have including the most common like transferring content, explaining error messages, and connecting our devices to other wireless devices.

All of this is available for multiple devices – up to 10 per account – and we can share nine claims on up to three lines in a one year period!


Protect Your Phone with Open Enrollment to the Total Mobile Protection Plan

Protecting my phone is something I’m passionate about. Phones are a huge investment, with the newest ones costing as much as some laptops! That is why I’m hyper vigilant about protecting my phone and my children’s phones. It gives me peace of mind knowing that no matter if we’re engaging in business or pleasure activities, our phones are covered.

That’s also why I’m excited to bring you this news about the Verizon Total Mobile Protection Plan and their open enrollment period. From now until July 14, they’re holding an open enrollment period to ensure that all of its customers can protect their phones with the highest quality service available.

If you’re a Verizon customer like I am, or if you’re thinking about switching to Verizon, now is the time to protect your phone with their Total Mobile Protection from Verizon. There’s never been a better time to make sure that every beloved phone in your household is safe and sound throughout the summer and all year long.


Visit the website for more details on Total Mobile Protection from Verizon. You can also connect with Verizon on Facebook and Twitter.

Protect Your Phone

Visit the website for more details on Total Mobile Protection from Verizon. You can also connect with Verizon on Facebook and Twitter.

Protect Your Phone

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  • While I don’t have Verizon Cell Phone service, I definitely do mobile phone protection with the phone provider I have. It’s not if it’s broken or gets lost, but rather when it happens! Ha ha.

  • This is so good to know! My daughter broke the screen on her phone twice in less than a week. It was horribly expensive to fix.

  • This is the kind of protection that you want to have especially since smartphones are EXPENSIVE! It’s awesome that you have a plan to make sure that phones are immediately fixed when something happens!

  • I have got to sign up before July 14th! It is so important to cover your phones. We rely on them so much, and if they break it feels like we can’t function!

  • It’s good to have that extra level of protection. A lot of my work centers on my ability to communicate over the phone!

  • From one mom of 4 to another….THIS IS A LIFESAVER! 6 phones are expensive to have, maintain, and this plan is SO worth it. Thanks for sharing!

  • We’ve had Verizon service for a few years now, but only when we got our iPhone 7s did we opt to the get the mobile protection plan. I’d rather have it and not pay if something happens to my phone!

  • Thankfully my kids are not old enough for phones yet, so I just have to worry about mine and my husbands, but a protection plan is a MUST!

  • Losing or breaking your phone is awful. It’s so much simpler to replace when you have a phone protection plan!

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