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In an earlier post I shared how I am seriously thrown off of my game whenever I am sleep deprived. Well the same thing goes for when I am feeling anxious or stressed out. For months I have been looking for some safe and natural ways to get relaxed when I need to—especially while on the go. I was introduced to Nature Made VitaMelts Relax tablets, and decided I would give them a try.

Soooooo…..what’s in this stuff?


A single dose of Nature Made VitaMelts Relax contains 200 mg of L-theanine, an ingredient that aids in relaxing the mind.

Nature Made VitaMelts Relax

I was surprised to find they really do work! I noticed that I was feeling calm within about a half-hour of me taking a dose. Best of all, my mind was not foggy as with other types of relaxation supplements. When I take them, I’m still very much alert and focused.

Nature Made VitaMelts Relax

I also found the tablets being good for me for bedtime, too. Sometimes I wake up in the morning feeling exhausted and sluggish because of my mind racing all through the night, and having dreams that similar to scenes in an action movie. When I take a dose of Nature Made VitaMelts Relax in the evenings, I have noticed that I sleep much better at night and feel more rested and refreshed in the mornings.


I like how the tablets are small in size. I also like how they dissolve smoothly and quickly without the need for water, which makes them very easy to take. One dose is equivalent to 4 tablets, and each container has enough for 12 doses—that should definitely last me awhile. The packaging is also very small (less than 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide), which makes it a breeze to carry it with me to take a dose when I need it anytime, anywhere.

Nature Made VitaMelts Relax

Reading the ingredients, I was happy to see that the tablets are made with natural flavors and colors derived from natural sources: definitely a plus in my book. The Green Tea Mint flavor tastes great too.

Nature Made VitaMelts Relax

I’ll definitely be keeping Nature Made VitaMelts Relax tablets around. Any product that delivers on what it says it will do is definitely alright with me!

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Nature Made VitaMelts Relax tablets are part of a full line of Nature Made VitaMelts vitamin supplements. To learn more, visit:


~These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nature Made VitaMelts Relax

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