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Everyone wants to know the secret to having it all. While there have been a whole array of e-books and how-to videos on the subject, the answer is really simple.

First and foremost, you have to BELIEVE. You have to believe with every fiber in your being that you deserve to have the best. You deserve to have it all. The instant that you develop that mindset, your outlook on life and the things surrounding you begins to shift. You will start to see every aspect of your life in a totally different light, and you will take the necessary action to make the changes you believe are needed in order for you to live your very best life.

Next, you have to pick a place to start. When it comes to cultivating an attitude of ‘having it all,’ the old saying is true: it only takes one spark to keep the fire going. After you firmly believe it, choose one area in your life to begin the process and solidify having it all as not just a mindset, but also a lifestyle.

For me, my starting point was my home. Once I had the belief in place that I deserved to add a beautiful home to my already-great equation of a loving husband, amazing kids and having achieved the American dream of homeownership, the same rooms and walls that I had seen as comfortable to me suddenly became drab. It was then that I decided that a major change was needed and to do a total renovation of my home. My goal was to add the design elements, colors, and décor that I believed would be a better reflection of my newfound belief and a representation of who I am.

To get some ideas of how to create the “having it all” spirit in my home, I drew inspiration from some of my top African American women go-getters and trendsetters:  Jada Pinkett-Smith, and journalist and reality TV star Geneva Thomas.



In my opinion, nothing says ‘uniquely me’ than when your home represents your personal style in the best possible way. The new earthy, organic style of my home really makes me confident and proud of everything that I have achieved in life thus far. It is a feeling that is now evident in my role as a mom and wife, as well as every other area of my life every day. The feeling that I really do have it all.



having it all

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having it all


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