Share Family Memories in a Fun Way with PicCollage and HP

Share Family Memories in a Fun Way with #PicCollage and #HP
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I love sharing my family’s memories by printing photos. Whether it be photos to put around the house, or to give to other family members and friends, I have always thought of it as a great way to relive the moment – or even share the moment with others.

However, these days, it’s not always enough to post just one photo to showcase life’s most precious moments. With the help of PicCollage, now it is extremely easy to create customized, digital collages that truly capture the memories from those perfect days and share them with your friends and family!

The PicCollage app makes it super-simple to showcase our family memories all in one photo. Whenever I am ready to showcase and share, I just select the pictures I want from my mobile phone gallery. Then I choose the background or template I like. I can even add fun stickers and text, too! From there, I simply upload my collage to social media for everyone to enjoy!

The best part is I can share offline, too! Now, thanks to technology from the good folks at HP, I use PicCollage to print directly from my mobile phone onto a 5×7 or a 4×6 inch photo sheet. I can print, display, and share family memories in minutes!


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With PicCollage and HP, the possibilities are endless! I am already a huge photo lover, and now with this new technology, I can easily see my entire home filled with our family memories and also gift-giving to my other family members and friends for years to come!

Share Family Memories


Share Family Memories in a Fun Way with #PicCollage and #HPCurrently available for both iPhone and Android devices, PicCollage and the printing function brought to you by HP make memory sharing creative and fun! To learn more about PicCollage and to download the free app, visit the website here.

Share Family Memories in a Fun Way

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