Sing for Hope Organization: An Organization Bringing the Arts

Sing for Hope Organization: An Organization Bringing the Arts
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The Sing for Hope organization fills a critical need that exists in the cultural capital of the world, New York City, to provide access to high-quality creative arts programming to the multitude of public school youth and residents who cannot afford it on their own. This is accomplished through partnerships with YMCA, local schools, and community centers.

The programs are designed to uplift lives, encourage self-expression, enhance self-esteem, and nurture positive development in local residents and young people as they develop artistically despite coming from low-income families, some even living in shelters, and going to school in poor areas.

The organization grows and maintains a roster of professional and amateur artists under the guidance of experienced staff who are ready and motivated to volunteer and donate their talents, time, and inspiration to thousands of youth and citizens in under-resourced hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, veterans’ centers, disability networks, schools, after-school programs, neighborhood centers, and community centers throughout the five boroughs. They have partnered with more than 250 nonprofit organizations and have involved more than 3,500 artists in community volunteerism,

The artists are of a variety of types: players of all kinds of instruments, dancers, actors, singers, jazz musicians, puppeteers, painters, and more.

Healthcare Outreach

The Healing Arts programming brings the spirit of the arts into the above-mentioned health care settings with concerts, bedside performances, and other interactive activities by volunteer artists.

Sing for Hope organization


Sing for Hope Organization: An Organization Bringing the Arts

This is the nation’s largest recurring public arts project. Since its 2010 launch, it annually, in the summers, reaches an estimated two million New Yorkers and visitors and spreads across the five boroughs. On a global scale, it is visible with more than two billion media impressions.

It has meant that, as of 2016, this arts outreach program had placed a total of 338 unique artist-created stunningly-painted pianos throughout New York City’s public streets, spaces, and parks for anyone to be welcome to play, enjoy, and share with spectators. This enlivens neighborhoods with sing-alongs, impromptu concerts, and people discovering the joy of music-making for the first time.

In addition, individual Sing for Hope Pianos are placed at the Aspen (Colorado) Ideas Festival and in the Oxford, UK’s Skoll World Forum for Social Entreprenuership. Additional possible cities are pending.

After the public exhibitions in 2016, all 50 of the pianos were placed into permanent homes in under-resourced NYC public schools and continued to be activated by the volunteer artists year-round. Then all fifty 2017 pianos placed in public places from June 5 through June 25, 2017, were to move to their permanent homes in schools in the fall, which will benefit an estimated 16,000 school children. There are hundreds of applications for the 50 instruments, and for every school that receives a piano, at least two deserving schools have to be turned down.

The fifty schools selected to receive the pianos have a special “Sing for Hope Piano Dedication Assembly Program.” The artists who created the piano artworks talk about the art on the pianos, performing artists inaugurate each piano with a performance, and student performers join in with their own performances to welcome the piano into their schools.

Arts Week: Spring Break

This four-day Arts Week program gives aspiring artists the chance to participate in a wide range of creative workshops taught by experienced professionals. Students with no adequate access to the arts in their schools are able to explore art ranging from songwriting and dance to painting and acting.


Individuals and companies are welcome to make donations to this wonderful organization.

Sing for Hope organization

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