A Specialized Dermatologist Is Helping Me Get Better Skin In The New Year

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Take care of me more.

This is one of my primary resolutions for the New Year. Last year was not a good one for me in this category at all: I gained a lot of weight, and I slept far less than I wanted (and needed) too. Plus the upkeep of my outward appearance took a huge nosedive. I stopped properly taking care of my skin like I usually do. Day in and day out, I would forget to wash off all of the dust and debris that would get onto my face during the renovations of my home after I was done working on a task. After a long day of those tasks along with Mommy and Wife duties, I would be too exhausted to wash my face before going to bed. As I tell my kids all of the time, “Your body will tell on you.” ~Sure enough, the months and months of facial neglect began to show. Not only did my skin look a hot mess, it felt awful, too.

I hated ringing in the New Year with a bad complexion. As a result, I became determined to start doing something about it so that I can get on the right track to avoid being the same predicament next year. To jump start things into motion, I asked family members and friends for some advice. One of my friends in Florida shared with me that they see a specialized Dermatologist in Boca Raton and how it helps them, so I decided to try out a specialized Dermatologist in my local area. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing my skin feels and looks after my first visit! It is one thousand times better! With continued visits throughout the year and a customized skin care regimen that is suited for my busy lifestyle, I have every confidence that my skin will be back to normal in no time.

I have always been aware of the fact that properly caring for the skin inside and out yields great health benefits both short and long-term. I guess that I had forgotten somewhere along the way. 🙁 Now that my body has given me a slightly cruel reminder, I will be sure to remember that important fact from now on! 🙂

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