Operation PUSH: 2 Steps To Ensure Success With Your Goals

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If you want to ensure success, you have to P.U.S.H.

P.U.S.H. – We all have heard this acronym before. Some will say that it stands for: “Press Until Something Happens,” while others say that is means, “Pray Until Something Happens.” Actually, I believe that both are right..

You may be finding yourself in a space of realizing the fact that—be it professionally, personally, academically or otherwise—the higher the climb in your life, the higher the risk of calamity. You may even be feeling some of those ‘scars’ right now.

.Steps To Ensure Success With Your Goals

But…..this is exactly where both forms of  ‘Operation P.U.S.H.’ come into play.

.Steps To Ensure Success With Your Goals

First, you must reach out to your Higher Power—not just when you are feeling the wounds or stagnation of life—but every single day—until a positive upward shift manifests in your life. Even thereafter, it is imperative to keep the connection strong to help uphold and sustain you as you continue to climb higher..Steps To Ensure Success With Your Goals

Second, you must Press. If you truly want to see your goals come into fruition, pressing forward through all of life’s obstacles is the only way to get there. Even in times when you are not seeing much (or any) advancement, you have to keep pressing on and remind yourself that a little delay is not ultimate denial.


Ensure SuccessWhen you set ‘Operation P.U.S.H.’ into full motion, it results in 3 things happening in your life:


  1. Courage – You overcome fear by proving to the world (and to yourself) that you are not afraid to be relentless about what you want to accomplish.
  2. Confidence – You discover and develop an untapped boldness and passion for your goals that you never knew you had within you.
  3. Energy – You nurture and cultivate your energy, which makes it grow. Your energy is what also fuels for drive to achieve your goals even more.


When you start to feel as if the journey to your goals is at a standstill; or like the climb to achievement is becoming too much to handle, remember everything that has been said above.

 .Steps To Ensure Success With Your Goals

You were born for this. You are built for this, and you are guaranteed to have what you want if you just: P.U.S.H.



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Ensure Success

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