Protecting Your Family’s Health After The Storm: Stopping Mold in #Houston

After The Storm: Stopping Mold in Houston
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If you have lived in Houston for a while, you are likely used to the occasional tropical storm. They can wreak havoc with your home and cause wind damage and flooding.

Of course, if your home sustains water damage in a flood, one of the most important things is to ensure that you clean up the water damage before it starts to grow mold.

Stopping Mold

Here are some tips that can help you prepare for emergency water repair Houston:


Find a good partner

Even before you have water damage, it is a good idea to start looking for a partner that can work with you when you do need them. United Restoration of Houston is one company that has a lot of experience working year in and year out with clients all over the Houston metro area to ensure that mold does not start to grow when a home sustains water damage.

The key is to look at the time window that you have. If it is a storm that lasts a couple of days, keep in mind that mold may even start growing before the storm has passed. So being able to contact someone that you can rely upon is
very useful when you have an emergency.


Dry as soon as possible

When your carpet and furniture and fabrics get wet from a storm or a pipe burst or flooding, the type of water that hits them makes a difference. If the water is dirty, it isn’t just as simple as trying to dry out your couch. And while in some cases, you can launder the cushions, it can be almost impossible for some types of sofas.

When you use a professional service, they can determine right away the type of treatment your home needs before the drying starts. In the end, their expertise will probably save you time and money over what you might be able to do yourself if the damage is bad enough.


Be thorough

You might manage to remove the surface water from a hardwood floor. But you just as likely might find that there is water trapped between the tongue and groove as well as beneath the floor itself. If water sits in those hard to reach places, it will cause odors and likely create mold that can in turn cause respiratory impediments in your home.

A professional service can dry the wood flooring on all sides as well as repair or dry the subfloor and the joists beneath- something that would be a major undertaking for you.

Stopping Mold

Water damage in your home is never a happy occasion. Just the same, if you prepare by finding a solid partner to work with in advance, you should be able to restore your home without any problem.

Stopping Mold

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