3 Tips to Prepare College Students for Off-Campus Living

Off-Campus Living
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Off-campus Living is a choice that seems easy to college students on the surface. However, it is usually not until the time draws nearer to make the big move that they realize things are not as simple as they seemed they would be.


Off-Campus Living


There’s no doubt that college students will need guidance. That is where parents come in. Standing by his or her side to support their decision and encouraging them to take proper planning measures will help ensure that their that everything goes smoothly on the day of their big move.


Encourage your student to make some lists – and check them Twice.

Your college student may be under the false assumption that they only need a list of all of the new items they would like to buy for their new dwelling. Educate them that that need to create several lists to make their off-campus Living successful:

  • List of emergency contacts for off-campus Living space (landlord, maintenance department, direct numbers for utilities companies, etc.).
  • List of their emergency contacts (posted and clearly visible) for roommate or landlord to call in case of an emergency.
  • List of basic groceries and cleaning supplies to be stocked on a regular basis
  • List of priority phone numbers for college campus.

Having this information readily available will make off-campus Living much easier – especially during the first few weeks of adjustment.


Encourage your student to take Advantage of Services that Make off-campus living easier

The more services used to make off-campus Living easier, the better. Nowadays there are a wide host of companies that offer everything a college student needs to make their transition a smooth and expedient one.

For example, rather than going through the process of furniture purchase and set up which can be both stressful and time-consuming, suggest that they rent furniture instead. On-demand services like CORT Furniture Rental provide affordable student furniture rental packages starting at $119 per month. CORT also handles the delivery and set up, and even removal of furniture when your student is ready to move again. This saves your student the hassle of setting up their apartment, which frees their time for the things that will help them succeed in school and their future career.


Off-Campus Living


If your student has opted to do off-campus Living with a roommate, they may not have considered how they will handle the finances. Fortunately, there’s a service called SimpleBills that has partnered with CORT to make splitting and paying bills with roommates a breeze. The best part is everything is handled all online through the SimpleBills app with no special deposits or fees. Here’s how it works:

  • SimpleBills receives the utility bills
  • SimpleBills pay the utility bills
  • SimpleBills invoice roommates for just their portion of the utility bills once a month
  • Using services for the major tasks means convenient off-campus living with less hassle.


Encourage your student to keep the lines of communication open.

Your college student may believe that off-campus Living makes them ‘totally’ on their own and therefore exempt from having to perform the usual ‘parent check-ins’ that they did while living on campus. Advise them that this is the time where communication is needed the most.

Off-campus Living can be an exciting time for your college student. However, it can also be a scary time. Being a source of encouragement, support, and guidance will be greatly valued by your student in the long run. He or she will be grateful that you are with them as they enter into the next chapter in their journey to full independence and adulthood.


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Off-campus Living

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  • Wow.
    What a lovely post. These are the great tips and very useful information for those students who have just left for college.

    Thanks for the share keep posting and Keep sharing.. 🙂

  • Great tips! My son is starting college next month but he will be living at home. I will save this for him because I am sure he will be out on his own someday soon.

  • It’s great to get all the help in preparation that you can. I though my children were prepared only to have the first one tell me that she was lost when it came to grocery shopping for an entire week and meal planning. We had done this together her whole life, I just had never had her do it on her own.

  • Renting furniture is such a good idea. I used to shake my head in disbelief to see the quality furniture that kids put down in the “discard area” of their college housing. You also nailed it with the reminder parents should be available with guidance and support.

  • We haven’t decided if my daughter will be on or off campus when she is off to college next year, so you brought up some great points that we’ll need to take into consideration. I do like the idea of furniture rental. Seems very practical!

  • Great tips. I’ll have to share with my sister and my girlfriend back home. They both have kids heading off this fall to college!

  • I know when I was in college I had a lot of friends super stressed their first few weeks. I was lucky that my mom lived 2 blocks from Oklahoma State so I never had to live in the dorms.

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