TV One, Viola Davis Premiere Landmark Social Justice Docu-Series Two Sides

TV One, Viola Davis Premiere Landmark Society Docu-Series Two Sides
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Two Sides is a landmark limited four-part docu-series exploring watershed moments for law enforcement and the Black community at the crossroads between life and death. The series will generate controversy, but not for controversy’s sake.

Executive produced by Academy Award® winner Viola Davis, Julius Tennon, and Lemuel Plummer (L. Plummer Media) with narration by Davis, each one-hour episode of Two Sides offers an in-depth, comprehensive look into disturbing cases of officer-involved deaths, analyzing and presenting multiple points of view of the highly charged cases.

“There are two sides to every story,” says Rev. Al Sharpton in the premiere episode. “I believe the policeman has a side; I believe the victim has a side; But there is only one truth.”

In addition to discussing the circumstances leading to the victims’ fateful encounter with police, in each episode of Two Sides family and friends share their heart-breaking accounts of where they were when their loved ones died, along with fond memories and recollections of their young lives. Law enforcement experts and independent commentators offer expertise and opinions on each incident with explanations of police regulations and procedures, as well as an analysis of the many factors involved in each of these four unique events.

“Things are not the same. It will never be the same,” said Gwen Carr (Eric Garner’s mother), Stacey Artis (John Crawford’s best friend), and Shante Needham (Sandra Bland’s sister) in an recent interview. “Before everything happened, we were just regular people, but now when people see (us), they forget that we were people prior to our loved ones’ passing.

When people see [us] in public or talk to [us] on social media, I’d prefer them to not say, “It’s going to get better with time…because it never does. I’d prefer them to instead say that ‘It’s going to get manageable.”

The series also features commentary from high profile contributors such as activist Rev. Al Sharpton, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and attorney Christopher Darden, as well as representatives from various law enforcement agencies and other notable pundits.

JuVee executive producers Davis and Tennon both hope the show can help expand the dialogue around these incidents and provide an opportunity for real change to occur.

“With Two Sides you’ll hear how the incident transpired and how it affected change, or did not affect change. And, how the families are still being affected,” said Davis and Tennon in a joint statement. “This is a way for us to humanize these victims and not make them just a statistic. We also have to look at the other side of the story – our law enforcement’s point of view. Let’s come together and have a conversation around these issues so that we can come up with real solutions that will lead to positive change.”

Two Sides 

The new limited series, Two Sides premieres January 22nd at 10PM EST on TV One.

Two Sides 

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