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Universal Orlando Resort Review
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A few weeks ago I shared my experience of attending the Family Forward Social Media Retreat and the positive impact that it had on my family. It is a moment that I will never forget.


Thanks to the Family Forward retreat, my family enjoyed four days exploring both Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida.



I instantly fell in love with both parks. Yes, the rides were indescribably amazing, but what I loved most was the attention to accommodation and detail that is throughout the entire resort.


Allow me to explain:


Of the five of us in our household, 3 of us have medical conditions. I, Lady T, and Manny all suffer from severe asthma, and I have additional health issues as well. Because of this, our travels tend to be a little more complicated—especially in the hotter months. I was concerned about being able to properly manage our health needs while at the resort.


My worries were immediately put to rest however when I saw that cooling stations and indoor/outdoor rest areas were abundant in both parks. From the noticeable like the massive Coca-Cola misting machine near the Men in Black ride, to the subtle ones like the stack of colorful tires that sprayed both shots of water and air in Toon Lagoon. There were also plenty of places to purchase cold bottled water to stay hydrated and snacks to meet every dietary health need. Restrooms were everywhere and easy to spot to stop in to administer medicines discreetly or tend to other medical situations. When Lady T became ill suddenly between rides, I was able to get her to an outdoor shaded sitting area and restroom in seconds.


Universal Studios Resort Review


The lines for all of the attractions are either completely indoors with air conditioning, or if outdoors, they were covered to protect guests from the sun; with lots of high-powered fans at every turn. The Universal Express Pass option for rides was another great feature of the parks. They allow pass holders to enter attractions using a much shorter line with minimal wait. This was perfect for those who may not be able to stand for prolonged periods of time. There are tons of lockers at ride entrances to store medicine bags and other carried items with affordable pricing. All of these features were very valuable for us during our stay.


The staff is amazing, too! When rain showers fell on first night there, we were given complimentary rain ponchos. The friendly, highly-visible team attentively checked on guests and did not hesitate to meet their needs on a whim.


I’m so glad that our days at Universal Orlando were not only adventurous and exciting, but also very comfortable from a health standpoint. The amenities were awesome, and we were treated so wonderfully. Everyone in the family enjoyed the experience. I was happy to see such an atmosphere that’s welcoming to families with health and medical needs. For this reason, I’ll definitely be planning more visits to Universal Orlando Resort for our family in the future!


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