Woman to Woman: Let’s Have a Talk about our Financial Future

financial future
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This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Prudential.

Hey Ladies – I have a question for you: how much thought do you put into your financial future? I’m not talking about paycheck to paycheck, or next year. I mean 5, 10, 20 or more years from now.

As women, money matters pull at our attention all day long. There’s groceries and medical bills; tuition payments and payments for field trips. Replacing outgrown school clothing, and depleted school supplies.

Woman to Woman: Let's Have a Talk about our Financial Future

There are car repairs and appliance repairs and replacements. Keeping stock of everything from laundry detergent to toothpaste. We work on planning the family summer vacation and planning the weekend family entertainment.

And that’s just mom and home duties. Since it’s known that women are the primary buyers and decision-makers in the home, media ads are mostly targeted to us. The pressure of caring for everything and everyone else can make us vulnerable to marketing that uses the theme of self-care. This makes it easy to bite the bait, using the mindset of “I deserve it” without much remorse.

Because of this, it’s not a surprise at all that long-term financial planning is a backburner subject for most women living a day-to-day life. We are so focused on ensuring that our households flow smoothly in the short-term that we forget about having a solid plan for financial security down the line.

Woman to Woman: Let's Have a Talk about our Financial Future

I get it ladies: the topic of financial planning for us is not cut and dry. Several factors play an integral role in us managing our finances in a way that properly balances our short-and-long term financial security. Unfortunately, as women, we have money challenges that men simply don’t have.

Our earnings potential over our lifespan is lower, which affects our 401k amounts and our social security payments. Because we’re so busy managing the home, kids, bills, and everything else, we don’t have time to dedicate to a consistent financial strategy.

Additionally, we tend to put off saving and investing to a time when we (seemingly) “have everything else under control.” We’ll even save and invest in small increments out of fear that we may need the amount invested for a family or household need right away.

Then there are life matters that we never want to think about, such as the possibility of our spouse or partner passing away before us. It’s too emotional to ponder on life without them, which can also cause us to procrastinate on making steps to ensure we’re financially prepared for those years.

Woman to Woman: Let's Have a Talk about our Financial Future

Sometimes it takes an unexpected life event to serve as a wake-up call for us as women to get our long-term finances in order. For me, it was when my oldest son was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease over a year ago.


We were faced with a plethora of medical bills for his health care. It was the one turning point that helped me commit to putting more work into our financial security more aggressively.

Ladies, shifting the perspective of long-term financial planning is key. Trust me: it’s no longer this ‘larger-than-life,’ intimidating thing for us that it used to be years ago.

Times have changed dramatically. There are now a myriad of ways for us to save and invest for our financial future. There are also financial professionals available who can assist in breaking down financial services jargon and creating a plan that works best for our time and our family budget.


Believe me when I say this: whether single or married, a family of three or a family of 5+, the time has come for us to be active participants in our money and investments. With discipline, consistency, change of mindset and personal guidance, we can feel comfortable and confident enough about money to achieve our personal best in our finances in the present to own our financial future.

Financial Future

Learn more about owning your financial future at the Prudential website bit.ly/ownmyfuture. You can also connect with Prudential on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Financial Future

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  • I believe in a healthy financial balance between saving money and enjoying the present moment. It’s a shame that money management isn’t better taught in schools, since it’s such an essential skill to have for everyone, that has such a strong impact on your entire life!

  • I hope your son is better. For the financial matters, I agree with you. Most of the women I know tend to put it off until things are a bit better. I have to admit, I was like that too. Things changed though when I got pregnant with my daughter. My husband and I agreed to invest in an insurance plan. At first, it was hard to keep up with the quarterly payments. But slowly we are getting the rhythm of things and investing for our family’s future.

  • I am so sorry to hear about your son, I hope he is getting the support he needs. But I believe you are right, we definitely do need to prepare for the future financially because you never know what might happen x

  • You are so right – as women we mainly are concerned with the day to day. My brain feels so full just dealing with that stuff I don’t feel like I have anymore space to think of the future. But, it is incredibly important! It is something my husband and I have been discussing a lot lately. Thanks for the great encouragement to get moving on this important part of my life!

  • Very important to have your finances in order. No matter how old or young you are. Take care of everything important.

  • Sometimes, even with careful planning, the bottom can fall out. At times like that, we need family, focus, and grace to see it through. I wish your son continued recovery and we need better education on finances from an early age…

  • I’m so sorry your son is ill. That must have been a tough wake up call. I know this is an important subject and some kind of tough wake up call awaits us all in our near or far future, but I’m still trying to fix my life after being an addict due to severe trauma and thinking too far into the future…about anything…makes me suicidal. Literally. So I have to wait and hope that wakeup call waits too.

  • Im with you, Im planning everyday my financial situation because i live in a country where well spent money is gold. I agree, im more giving to take care of the house financial than my boyfriend, It just how woman are, always wanting to take care of everything!

  • it’s really important to plan for the future even though it’s not always easy. You just don’t know what might happen.

  • Financial planning for the future, especially when you are self employed, is so difficult and is often ignored.

  • This is all so true, anything can happen at any moment. Being prepared is so important. I am a planner so I usually stay on top of things.

  • Yes – as a woman who lost my husband unexpectedly at age 51 I have gone through quite a bit this past year as far as securing my future. His income is no longer available. How do you deal with that? This has been my challenge.

  • You are absolutely right. Financial planning is usually one of those things that often lingers on the back burner when attention is placed elsewhere. Sometimes it takes a wake-up call like a family emergency or getting closer to retirement for women to take the time to sit down and make a firm actionable plan for themselves and their families.

  • Yeah…it’s a problem that I have as well. I’m lucky that my husband keeps track of this and he thinks more about the future than I do. So for now I would say we are ok, but I do have to think about this as well.

  • I need to check out that website. As a single mother, it is super important for me to get a hold on my finances.

  • We need to empower women to take control of their financial affairs! As someone working in the industry I see how important it is to plan ahead, especially for retirement which is when you will need it the most.

  • I agree that women are surrounded by ads that tell us we “deserve it”. I always laugh at them and tell myself that what I deserve is to be debt free and financially sound. It is extremely important to invest financailly in your future!

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